solar panelsThe Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster happened about 30 years ago, and we suppose if anything it serves as a stark reminder of how dangerous nuclear energy is, despite its potential to do good. Interestingly enough it seems that the Ukrainian government has decided that maybe from the ashes of Chernobyl, something good could come from it.


According to a report from The Guardian, the Ukrainian government has proposed an idea in which the nuclear wasteland surrounding Chernobyl could potentially be used and transformed into a solar farm, a much greener and safer form of storing energy. The proposal has been sent to various banks and would see the 6,000 hectares of “idle” land surrounding the area turned into something more useful and productive.

The proposal also suggests that with this green initiative, about 1,000MW of solar power could be generated from the solar farm, and an additional 400MW from other renewable sources. However while it is safer, we suppose from an energy output perspective it pales in comparison to the nuclear plant which had an installed capacity of 4,000MW.

There is also a question of safety, such as whether it would be safe to build around the area. However the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development does seem to be interested in the idea. According to a spokesperson, “The EBRD may consider participating in the project so long as there are viable investment proposals and all other environmental matters and risks can be addressed to the bank’s satisfaction.”

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