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Sony Reader for iOS gets launched
Sony is going toe-to-toe with Apple’s iBooks and the Kindle app from Amazon by launching the new Sony Reader app for iOS devices. Basically, the Sony Reader is a free app that allows customers to access and read their favorite content on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Readers will be happy to know that they can also customize the settings of the app to suit their reading preferences. For […]

Scuba Divers use Sony Reader 300ft underwater
Ever used a tablet while you’re underwater in the middle of an ocean? Can’t say I have, but some folks do it on a daily basis especially professional divers like Mark Thurlow and Robin Jacoway. Since they go down to depths of 300-400 ft, they can’t immediately exit the water when they’re done collecting marine life samples – they need to spend time surfacing so that they aren’t affected by […]

Sony Reader Wi-Fi
In addition to its tablets, Sony is launching its new elegant Reader Wi-Fi that features a 6-inch e-ink Pearl V220 glare-free touch screen display which gives access to over 2 million titles from the Sony Reader Store. The company partnered with over 11,000 public libraries across the country to allow users to wirelessly borrow e-books from their local library.The Sony Reader Wi-Fi now offers pinch and zoom and the ability […]

Apple explains why Sony Reader was rejected
Here’s an update on the situation regarding Apple’s rejection of the Sony Reader app. Apple has come forward with an official statement saying that Sony’s app was rejected on the grounds that it didn’t follow its policy concerning in-app purchases. According to the iTunes App Store guidelines, any app that has additional content that can be purchased elsewhere (i.e. through an online store) must have the option of buying content through […]


Apple rejects Sony Reader Store app
Looks like Apple is tightening its iron grip over the iTunes App Store. The big fruity company has been reported to have rejected Sony’s eBook store app – the Sony Reader Store from the iTunes App Store. The reason for the rejection was due to changes in Apple’s App Store policy – all in-app purchases will now have to go through Apple. It looks like apps that sell their own […]

Sony Reader Daily Edition Now Available for Purchase with WiFi + 3G
Sony has just announced that its 7-inch E-Ink Daily Reader Edition e-reader with WiFi and 3G access is now available for the sum of $299 in silver shade. The price is inclusive of wireless data access over a mobile broadband connection and users won’t have to pay any additional fees to make use of 3G. 3G could be used only to access the Sony Reader store at this point, with […]

Sony Justifies Higher Price E-Readers With More Features
Sony is taking the opposite route of its big rivals Amazon and Barnes & Noble with its own branded E-Reader electronic-ink based digital book reading devices. Unlike Amazon, which has introduced lower prices for the latest Kindle, and Barnes & Noble, which has engaged in a price war with its nook to remain competitive against the Kindle, Sony is taking quite the opposite approach. Rather than reducing prices, Sony is […]

Sony Considering The Possibility Of A Tablet Device To Compete With The iPad
While Sony doesn’t seem to have any concrete plans on releasing a tablet device to rival Apple’s iPad just yet, that doesn’t mean that the company isn’t keeping tabs on the situation. In a recent interview, a senior VP has confirmed that the company plans to assess how the market adapts to Apple’s iPad first, though we must say that selling 1 million iPads in under a month should pretty […]

Sony has no plans for a color e-reader
According to Sony’s Fujio Noguchi who oversees Sony’s e-book business in the capacity as a deputy president of the Digital Reading Business Division of Sony Electronics Inc., the Japanese consumer electronics giant has no plans to introduce a color e-reader anytime soon simply because the new Reader is doing exceptionally well in terms of sales, especially in Sony’s US online store – SonyStyle. As for the Reader Touch Edition, it […]

Sony Danielle Steel Limited Edition Reader Digital Book
Sony has just rolled out its Danielle Steel Limited Edition Reader Digital Book, hoping that those with a soft spot for Danielle’s mushy love stories and the color red will make a beeline for this rather outdated device. Each purchase will come with a code that allows you to download a 3-book bundle, a personal letter from Danielle herself, alongside an embossed red case with her name on it. Sony’s […]