Sony Reader underwater
Ever used a tablet while you’re underwater in the middle of an ocean? Can’t say I have, but some folks do it on a daily basis especially professional divers like Mark Thurlow and Robin Jacoway. Since they go down to depths of 300-400 ft, they can’t immediately exit the water when they’re done collecting marine life samples – they need to spend time surfacing so that they aren’t affected by decompression sickness. And since there’s nothing to do down in the ocean but wait, what do they do? They read books on their eReaders of course.

The two divers use Sony Readers that are specially fitted with a custom made case from GATE (a case manufacturer) to keep their tablets safe and functional at such conditions. The cases are made from machine crafted metal to make sure that water doesn’t reach the reader at all. In addition to being waterproof, the cases are also pressure proof so that the reader isn’t affected by the change in pressure. Unfortunately GATE isn’t offering such cases for sale, but then again, how many of you would use such a product on a daily basis? Check out the video demonstration:

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