Sony Corporation is the electronics business unit and the parent company of the Sony Group, which is engaged in business through its four operating segments – Electronics, Motion pictures, Music and Financial Services. These make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony’s principal business operations include Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Mobile Communications, and Sony Financial. Sony is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders and third-largest television manufacturer in the world, after Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. Via Freebase

PS3 Production To End Soon In Japan
Sony’s PS4 console has been around for a couple of years now, but it seems that the PS3 console is still being produced. However we guess all good things must come to an end which is why Sony Japan has announced that production of the PS3 over in Japan will be coming to an end soon.

Sony Announces ‘Venom’ Movie For Release Next Year
I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve felt that characters such as Venom or Carnage or any of the symbiotes from the Marvel universe would have made pretty awesome movies. However the closest we got was Venom who appeared in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, although we have to admit that it didn’t feel quite as intimidating like the comics.

PS4 System Update 4.50 Preventing Wi-Fi Connection For Some
It has only been a few days since Sony started rolling out the latest major software update for the PlayStation 4. The PS4 system software version 4.50 brings a handful of new features for the console such as support for external hard drives and a Boost Mode for the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, it does appear to have some bugs as well. Some PlayStation 4 owners have reported that their […]

Sony Patent Lets You Charge Your Device Wirelessly From Another Device
Say you’re outside with your friends and your phone is running low on battery. What do you do? Obviously it would be ideal if you could charge it using a wall outlet or a power bank, but since not all of us carry power banks or chargers with us all the time, that wouldn’t work out, would it? Turns out Sony has an idea of what you could do.


2017 Sony OLED 4K TVs Price And Availability Details Confirmed
Like many of its rivals, Sony came out with a handful of new TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in January. The company has now confirmed the pricing and availability details for its new OLED 4K TVs. Customers in the United States can get their pre-orders in starting today. The new TVs will be released next month. They’re not going to be cheap as prices start at $5,000.

PS4 Games On PlayStation Now Coming Soon
The PlayStation Now game streaming service allows subscribers to stream hundreds of PlayStation 3 games on their PS4 and PC. There are 483 games to be precise that are currently on this service but all of them are PS3 titles. If you’ve been waiting for PS4 games on PlayStation Now then your wait is about to end soon. Sony has confirmed that PS4 games on PlayStation Now are coming soon.

Xperia Z5’s ‘Low In-Call Volume’ To Be Fixed In April
It wasn’t too long ago that Sony rolled out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for its phones, such as the Xperia Z5. While the update brought about a host of changes and new features that one might have expected from the update, it also seems to have brought about its fair share of problems.

PS4 System Software Version 4.50 Release Due Tomorrow
Sony has confirmed that it’s going to release the next major update for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro tomorrow. The PS4 system software version 4.50 is going to be out in less than 24 hours. It brings several new features for the console including but not limited to Boost Mode for the PlayStation 4 Pro as well as voice chat for Remote Play.

PSVR Aim Controller Release Expected In May
The Sony PlayStation VR’s Aim Controller was initially supposed to be released around the holiday season with the Farpoint FPS game but that didn’t happen. PSVR owners have not been able to get their hands on the controller and the game because both have been delayed. However, they might be able to pick one up over the next couple of months. Farpoint developer Impulse Gear has said that the PSVR […]

Ubergizmo’s Best of MWC 2017
Another Mobile World Congress Conference (MWC) is ending. The 2017 Edition was exciting, and there was ample new tech to look at during this crazy week. Here are the products we thought were the most interesting at the show, sorted in no specific order. You find them to be available in many markets in the weeks to come, in the meantime, we provide a first look for most of them. […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games For March 2017 Revealed
PlayStation Plus subscribers would certainly be wondering what games they will get for free this month as part of their subscription. Sony has now gone ahead and revealed the PlayStation Plus free games for March 2017. The list has been revealed on its official U.S. PlayStation Blog. The lineup includes two titles each for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation Vita.

Sony Explains Why Their US Phones Have No Fingerprint Sensors
[MWC 2017] At MWC 2017, Sony took the wraps off several pretty stunning devices, but in our reviews of phones like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, one of the cons we mentioned was that there would be no fingerprint sensor for the US market. This means that everywhere else where the phone is sold will have a fingerprint sensor, save for the US.

Jolla To Bring Its Sailfish OS Onto Sony’s Xperia Devices
[MWC 2017] Following the proliferation of smartphones and seeing the success of Android and iOS, many companies decided that they too would try to create a mobile platform that would take over the industry. Unfortunately no one has really come that close, and one of those attempts was Sailfish OS by Jolla.

Sony Unveils Xperia Ear Open Style Concept Headphones
[MWC 2017] A lot of headphone manufacturers typically pride themselves on how much outside noise their headphones can block. This is important because cancelling outside noise means that users can hear their music better, which does help to improve the overall listening experience.