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Astronauts Have Successfully Grown Beef In Space For The First Time
If you’re not comfortable with the idea of animals being killed for their meat, or if you believe that our growing consumption and demand for meat is leading to negative changes in our environment and climate, then you might be aware that work is being done on “growing” meat in laboratories, where scientists attempt to recreate meat using science.

This ‘Space Plane’ Could Fly From London To Sydney In Just 4 Hours
The problem with travel is that sometimes it involves long flight times. Unless you can afford the comforts of business class, safe to say that no one truly enjoys being stuck on an 8-12 hour flight in the cramped seats of economy. However, the good news is that this discomfort could soon be reduced somewhat.

Insane Video Shows A Black Hole Swallowing A Star The Size Of Our Sun
Space can be fascinating because it’s so vast and we still have a lot of it that has yet to be discovered and fully understood. This is why we can totally understand the excitement behind a recent discovery in which for the first time ever, NASA has managed to capture a rare cosmic event with one of their newer telescopes.

Scientists Harness The Cold Of Outer Space And Turns It Into Renewable Energy
These days there is a greater emphasis than ever on looking for renewable sources of energy. This is because our natural resources are finite and eventually, we will run out of more traditional forms of energy. This is why many companies are turning to the use of solar, wind, and hydro forms of renewable energy.


France Is Setting Up Its Own Space Force
The United States may have come up with the “Space Force” term, which is what the country’s newest branch of the military is called, but the idea is now being adopted by other nations as well. France has decided to create its own space command which will be tasked with defending its satellites. President Emmanuel Macron has approved plans to set up a space command within France’s air force by […]

Japan's Hayabusa2 Successful In Collecting Samples From Asteroid
Japan has claimed a world first with its Hayabusa 2 probe which made a “perfect” touchdown today on a distant asteroid. Not only that, but the Hayabusa2 probe also collected samples from beneath the surface of the asteroid. This unprecedented mission may help provide more insight about the origins of the solar system.

NASA Estimates Moon Landing Could Cost Between $20 To $30 Billion
NASA has already made its intention public of putting American astronauts back on the moon. It aims to do that by 2024 and the agency has now started to provide an idea of just how much it’s going to actually cost to do that. NASA administrator says that the next moon landing could cost between $20 to $30 billion.

NASA Wants To Open The International Space Station To Tourists
Have you ever wanted to go to space? If you have, you’ll be pleased to learn that NASA has announced their plans to open up the International Space Station (ISS) to tourists come 2020. The concept of space tourism isn’t new, but with NASA opening up the ISS, it will allow tourists to explore new places that were previously restricted.

Researchers Develop An Air-Powered Soft Robot
One of the problems with the majority of robots today is that they can come across feeling “cold”. This is due to the use of materials, where robots are generally made out of metal. It makes sense to do so, as metal is durable which means that these robots are more sturdy and durable.

SpaceX Successfully Deploys 60 Of Its Starlink Satellites
Earlier this week, it was reported that SpaceX would be attempting to launch 60 of its Starlink satellites into space this Thursday. This was on the heels of a couple of delays and cancellations due to the weather and last minute checks, but it seems that it has all gone to plan because not only did the Falcon-9 rocket achieve a successful lift-off, but they also successfully deployed the satellites.

NASA Is Now Letting You Sign Up For A Boarding Pass To Mars
Have you always dreamed of going into space and to explore new worlds and planets? If you have, your dream might sort of come true. NASA has announced that for those who are interested, they can sign up to get themselves a boarding pass to Mars. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will get to fly to Mars, but rather your name will be on the Mars 2020 rover, meaning […]

SpaceX To Launch 60 Starlink Satellites This Thursday
Elon Musk often has very lofty plans, whether it be to bore tunnels under the roads to help ease traffic congestion, creating fully autonomous cars, or encapsulating the Earth in a blanket of satellites to help bring internet to everyone in the world. The latter effort, known as Starlink and is part of SpaceX, is expected to kick off this Thursday.

China’s Moon Rover Finds Mysterious Minerals On The Far Side Of The Moon
The dark side of the moon isn’t just the name of a Pink Floyd album from the 70s. It is also a goal of several space organizations where they are interested in finding out if the side of the moon we can’t see will be any different. China had previously expressed their interest and earlier this year, their Chang’e probe successfully landed on it.

NASA's New Moon Mission Has A Name: Artemis
NASA has a solid plan to put a man on the moon once again and the agency now has a name for that mission: Artemis. It pays homage to the Apollo as the 50th anniversary of the mission’s culmination is this year and also signifies the possibility that this program will send the first woman to the Moon.