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Snap’s Spectacles 3 Has Been Officially Announced
The jury is still pretty much out as far as augmented reality (AR) headsets are concerned. We’ve seen Google attempt something with Google Glass, which didn’t quite pan out, and in recent times, Snap has also been making a push for the technology with the release of the Spectacles, in which the company has recently announced the third iteration.

New $350 Snap Spectacles Said To Feature Two Cameras
Snap, the company behind Snapchat, took a $40 million hit on the first Spectacles as it overestimated demand for the product. It launched Spectacles 2 earlier this year and was more conservative with the orders. According to a report, it’s now working on a new version of the Spectacles which will be more expensive at $350 and feature two cameras.

Instagram Influencer Sued For Not Promoting Snap’s Spectacles
Social media platforms such as Instagram are used for advertising purposes, although sometimes these ads don’t really come across as ads thanks to companies hiring “influencers” to promote them in a more natural manner. This could be as simple as them being seen in public using/wearing a product.

New Spectacles Styles Look More Like Regular Sunglasses
Snap is back with new styles for Spectacles, its sunglasses with an integrated camera that help users capture moments to share on Snapchat when they’re on the move. Snap has announced two new styles called Nico and Veronica today. They’re just new styles as they have all of the same features and improvements as the Spectacles V2 that were launched in April this year.


Snap Launches Second-Gen Spectacles With Water Resistance
Back in 2016 Snap launched its first wearable, the Spectacles. Now it looks like the company is back with another model in the form of the second-gen Spectacles, something that was hinted at earlier this month. For the most part it looks like Snap has kept the design of the original, but under the hood is where the differences between both models lie.

New Snap Spectacles Spotted In FCC Listing
FCC listings often reveal the new hardware that’s due to be launched soon and one such listing has now been spotted for Snap’s second-generation Spectacles wearable device. While the company lost a ton of money on the original Spectacles, it’s not giving up on its hardware ambitions just yet and plans to release a second-generation of Spectacles later this year.

New Spectacles Reportedly Being Developed By Snap
Snap’s hardware ambitions may not be over even though the company took a $40 million loss on its first Spectacles that sold only 150,000 or so units. According to a report, Snap is now working on two new versions of its Spectacles wearable camera. One is said to be an improved model of the original Spectacles while the second is said to be a more ambitious upgrade.

Snap's Spectacles Have Cost It $40 Million
Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, showcased its hardware ambitions with Spectacles. They’re a pair of glasses that aim to make it easier for users to Snapchat parts of their day easily. There was a lot of hype about this product initially but it couldn’t maintain the momentum. It was recently reported that Snap was sitting on countless unsold units of the Spectacles. The company’s latest earnings result reveals that […]

Snap Is Reportedly Sitting On A Mountain Of Unsold Spectacles
Snap Inc., the company that owns and operates Snapchat, launched its first hardware product last year. Spectacles were meant to make it easier for people to share moments from their day on Snapchat. They were quite popular last year when they came out but the hype has since ended. According to a new report, the company is actually sitting on “hundreds of thousands” of unsold units because there’s no longer […]

You Can Now Buy Snap Spectacles From Amazon
Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, launched its first hardware product last year called Spectacles. They’re a pair of shades which have an integrated camera that makes it very easy to Snapchat your day away. The company only released the device in limited quantities at first and that too via pop-up vending machines. People waited in long lines to get their hands on one. Now that the hype has fizzled […]

Snap Thinking About Making A 360 Degree Camera
Snap, the company behind Snapchat, launched its first hardware product a couple of months ago. The Spectacles are basically a pair of sunglasses that make it easier to capture snaps that you can then send out as and when required. A report published earlier today suggested that the company had considered making a drone at one point in time. There’s now a new report which suggests that the company is […]

Snap Spectacles For Sale Online Starting Today
Snap, the company that owns the app Snapchat, demonstrated that it can do hardware as well by unveiling the Spectacles last year. They’re basically a pair of sunglasses that make it very easy to Snapchat on the go. It started selling them in limited quantities using cute vending machines in select locations across the United States and now, ahead of its pending IPO, the company has decided to open up […]

Snap To Broaden Availability Of Spectacles This Year
Last year Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, launched Spectacles. For those unfamiliar, Spectacles is basically a pair of augmented reality glasses with a camera built into it. It seemed like a novel concept but yet many were snapping up (pun intended) the device whenever the vending machine popped up in their city.

Snapchat Spectacles Used To Live Stream Surgery
Snapchat announced its first wearable device – Spectacles – a couple of months ago. It’s basically a pair of sunglasses that feature a camera which enables users to take snaps on the go. The $130 Spectacles went on sale a few weeks back and they’ve been used by a surgeon in the United Kingdom to live stream the first surgery using Snapchat Spectacles.