FCC listings often reveal the new hardware that’s due to be launched soon and one such listing has now been spotted for Snap’s second-generation Spectacles wearable device. While the company lost a ton of money on the original Spectacles, it’s not giving up on its hardware ambitions just yet and plans to release a second-generation of Spectacles later this year.

The FCC listing describes a “wearable video camera” that’s made by Snap Inc and it carries the “Spectacles” branding. There’s even “Model 002” printed on the packing label. That’s as good a hint as any that these are the successors to the company’s first hardware product.

As is the case with FCC filings, most of the documents that reveal a lot of details about this device have not been made public due to a confidentiality request from the manufacturer but despite that, the documents that are available reveal that there’s going to be support for Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE) and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

It was reported last month that Snap does have a new pair of Spectacles in the pipeline. This year’s model is expected to feature improved performance and subtle tweaks. The one due next year may feature two cameras, an integrated GPS, and a price tag to match. It’s expected to cost as much as $300.

The FCC listing certainly can’t be taken as a confirmation that Snap is going to launch this device soon but it’s a good indication that it may be thinking along those lines.

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