Back in 2016 Snap launched its first wearable, the Spectacles. Now it looks like the company is back with another model in the form of the second-gen Spectacles, something that was hinted at earlier this month. For the most part it looks like Snap has kept the design of the original, but under the hood is where the differences between both models lie.

With the second-gen Spectacles, Snap has managed to slim it down a bit. They have also launched three new color options in the form of onyx, ruby, and sapphire, and they are also water resistant which means that taking them to the beach or to the pool will not be an issue as you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged, although maybe going scuba diving with them might not be recommended.

As for features, it’s pretty much the same but Snap has made some changes where it will now be faster to transfer between the Spectacles to your phone. Users will also be able to take both photos and videos, both of which have seen an increase in resolution where the form will be shot at 1642×1642, while the latter will be recorded at 1216×1216. There will also be the addition of a second microphone.

As for pricing, the second-gen Spectacles will be priced at $150. This is $20 more than the original which is an interesting choice when you consider that the first-gen wasn’t exactly selling like hotcakes, but perhaps the increased resolution, slimmer profile, and water resistance will make it more appealing.

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