The jury is still pretty much out as far as augmented reality (AR) headsets are concerned. We’ve seen Google attempt something with Google Glass, which didn’t quite pan out, and in recent times, Snap has also been making a push for the technology with the release of the Spectacles, in which the company has recently announced the third iteration.

Dubbed the Spectacles 3, this is Snap’s third attempt at trying to get the wearable off the ground. The device will come with a pair of HD cameras that will allow users to capture Snaps in 3D, which they can then further edit with 3D Effects. They can also transfer the images captured to Snapchat’s Memories feature and can enhance it further by adding a bunch of new effects to it.

We have to admit that in terms of design, the Spectacles 3 look like they could have been designed by a fashion brand. They look very fashionable, although it’s not something we imagine that you could wear all the time, but in the event that you do, it should blend right in with your everyday clothing, meaning that no one would be the wiser.

Unfortunately, unlike its predecessors, the Spectacles 3 will not come cheap. It is priced at $380 which makes it the most expensive release we’ve seen from the company to date. The Spectacles 3 will be made from a lightweight steel frame and will be offered in a Carbon or Mineral finish.

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