oneplus-2-review-15When news of Stagefright broke out, you can be sure that there was a fair number of people were very concerned of the situation, and rightly so. In fact, smartphone manufacturers and mobile carriers (like Motorola, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in this context) have also worked hard to issue software updates in order to repair this security loophole, and with an estimated 95% of active Android handsets being vulnerable, one should not take this lightly. OnePlus has rolled out an update to their OxygenOS which will see it bump up the version number to 1.0.2 for OnePlus One devices.

Do take note that this update will not make a mess of your personal files, but traditional wisdom dictates that it would be best to perform a backup of your data prior to installation. You can head on here in order to check out the links to the much awaited software update.

It would also bode you well, even if you are an old hand at this, to read the accompanying Installation Guide offered by OnePlus on the same page, as Stagefright is far from the normal malware, hence every bit of care ought to be taken to update your device properly in the correct manner just to prevent any unwanted infiltration of your personal data and information.

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