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Stanford Creates Self-Driving Electric Car With Mad Drift Skills
In case you weren’t aware today is officially Back to the Future day, Marty McFly had traveled to October 21st in the popular franchise and many are commemorating this in their own unique ways. On the eve of this day Stanford University’s automotive lab rolled out MARTY, it’s a self-driving electric car that they’ve built which has amazing drift skills. Their car is a heavily modified version of the DeLorean […]

Stanford Has A Heat-Recovery System That Makes It Energy Efficient
Going green is all the rage these days and companies with huge operations, like those who run data centers and server farms have started implementing greener ways of generating power, such as through the use of solar panels. That being said who’s to say that other industries or buildings can’t be just as energy efficient as well, right?Stanford has had such a project in the works for several years now […]

Ford's New Automated Driving Research Projects In The Pipeline
Ford has worked out a new automated driving research project with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, where it will continue from where the automated Ford Fusion Hybrid research vehicle left off (which was also unveiled last month, actually), and the combined teams will work on solutions that will hopefully kiss goodbye to a number of technical challenges that have proven to difficult to solve where automated […]

New battery electrode could last 40,000 charge cycles
As our smartphones start doing more for us and become more feature packed, the more battery it would drain, but the thing is it does not matter how big a battery you have because the more you charge it, the less effective it becomes, ultimately resulting in a battery that will barely get you through the day.


Stanford is building the "world's largest" digital camera
A team at the Stanford University are working on what they are calling the world’s largest digital camera, which was designed to be used to capture images of faint astronomical objects. The camera is being built for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), which is a large aperture telescope used to photograph space atop a mountain in Chile, and to investigate several astronomical phenomena, such as dark energy, dark matter […]

Xenith, the fastest solar car ever?
After working for the past two years on its latest all-solar vehicle, the 30-student Solar Car Project team from Stanford is ready to put to the test what they call the fastest solar car ever built. Called the Xenith, it will be taken to the Australian Outback later this year to take part in the World Solar Challenge – a race where solar-powered vehicles will have to duke it out on […]

Stanford researchers create new transparent and flexible battery
We’ve seen featured transparent batteries before in the past, way back in 2007 in Japan, and now four years later we have a new transparent battery, this time created by the folks at Stanford University. A team of researchers from the university have managed to create a transparent lithium ion battery that is also highly flexible. Now why would anybody want a transparent, highly flexible battery?Well, you can imagine the […]

Stanford students spar with the JediBot
Some students from Stanford have managed to come up with the ultimate Star Wars fanboy’s fantasy: a robot arm capable of sparring with a human partner, wielding a light saber. In this case not real light sabers – since those don’t exist yet but replicas made out of foam. The project was part of the university’s Experimental Robotics course that was held over the course of three weeks.

Bloom Laptop Concept Can Be Taken Apart In Under Two Minutes
If you’ve tried to upgrade the components on your laptop yourself before, you’ll know that you generally only have easy access to the RAM and probably hard drive. If you want to upgrade the wireless card or some other peripheral, you’ll need to get your hands a little dirty and go under the hood. The students over at Stanford University have developed the Bloom laptop concept design, which is a […]

Bendable battery could change gadget landscape forever
Battery life in portable devices is always a concern to any manufacturer, and one of the biggest concerns would be having a thin, lightweight and yet long lasting battery. Well, this latest innovation known as a paper-thin lithium-ion rechargeable battery could very well be a game changer. Thanks to the efforts of Stanford University scientists, they managed to turn a regular sheet of paper which has been coated on both […]

New Lithium-sulfur Batteries From The Folks At Stanford
All the coolest gadgets in the market probably have a common problem – battery life. With plenty of external batteries being created to sustain your iPhone when used in an extended trip, it’s obvious that battery technology is lagging behind. If the new lithium-sulfur technology developed by the folks at Stanford becomes mature, we might just have a solution to our battery woes. This new technology is apparently safer, and […]