There were rumors circulating a few weeks ago that perhaps Microsoft will merge both Windows and Windows Phone divisions. A new report from AllThingsD claims that this restructuring might happen as soon as July 1st, when CEO Steve Ballmer will reveal his plans to a large group of top Microsoft executives. Not a lot of people at the company know what these plans actually are, Ballmer has reportedly only worked on them with a few executives and board members.

A single Windows division is likely to provide a boost to the ecosystem as well as to the development of the platform. The unified kernel between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 was said to bring an increase in development speed, but such an improvement has not been wholly visible up till now. Perhaps this shakeup would reinvigorate both the desktop and mobile software offerings as Microsoft looks to increase its hold over both markets. People at the company believe that there are going to be major shifts as Ballmer continues with his aim of making Microsoft into a “devices and services company,” of which we wrote about last October in his annual shareholder letter. It is not known right now when Microsoft will make an official announcement of the restructuring.

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