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Final Street Fighter 5 Season 2 DLC Character Unveiled
Capcom has unveiled the final Street Fighter 5 season 2 DLC character at the 2017 South East Asia Major tournament. Zeku the “ever-changing ninja” is back and will now be available as a playable character in Street Fighter 5. Those who have played Street Fighter Alpha 2 will remember this particular character, Zeku used to be Guy’s teacher who taught him Bushinryu, a style of ninjutsu.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Release Confirmed For 2018
Street Fighter fans will be happy to find out that Capcom has confirmed Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition today. It’s an updated version of the existing game that comes with new modes as well as some post-launch downloadable content. Capcom is going to release Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition early next year.

Next Street Fighter 5 DLC Character Kolin Confirmed
Capcom had said that it would provide more information about the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character today and it has followed through on that promise. The next Street Fighter 5 DLC character is Kolin and she’s going to join the game’s roster later this month.

Akuma Is Street Fighter 5's Next Character
Capcom had promised to continue releasing new characters for Street Fighter 5 once this title was released and it has been following through on this promise. It has now confirmed that Akuma is the next new character for Street Fighter 5. Akuma is going to be released for Street Fighter 5 later this month. Capcom is also going to provide a new season pass that players can pre-order to get […]


Capcom Cracking Down On Street Fighter V Rage Quitters
Rage quitting is a problem that pretty much every online game faces. This usually happens when a player doesn’t like the direction that the game is taking, maybe because the groups are moving too slowly, or maybe because they keep losing, or whatever the reason, rage quitting is usually a result of that.

Street Fighter 5 Gets $25 DLC Pack To Increase Capcom Cup Prize Pool
Capcom has released a new DLC pack for Street Fighter 5 that’s going to help increase the prize pool for Capcom Cup, it’s Evo fighting game tournament that kicked off over the weekend. This DLC is going to be a big help in funding the Capcom Cup’s prize pool. All of the Capcom Pro Tour themed content is now available to purchase for Street Fighter 5.

Street Fighter V World Championship Will Be Aired By ESPN
Street Fighter V fans take note: ESPN is going to air the finals of the Street Fighter 5 world championship which takes place from July 15th to July 17th. The finals will take place on the last day of the championship, they will be aired on ESPN2 and will also be available for streaming via WatchESPN. The sports network has gradually been opening up to competitive gaming and this is […]

Street Fighter 5 Cinematic Story Mode Gets New Trailer
Capcom has released a new trailer today for “A Shadow Falls,” the free story mode expansion for Street Fighter 5 that’s going to be released soon. The trailer gives us background on the entire conflict that sets the stage in the cinematic story mode, we find out what M. Bison has done to bring the World Warriors together.

Ibuki Street Fighter 5 Release Delayed
Capcom recently confirmed the next character that it’s going to add to Street Fighter 5. It has been gradually adding new characters to the roster through DLCs. Ibuki is next to land on Street Fighter 5. Many are looking forward to her return to the franchise but there appears to have been some confusion over the release date of this DLC. Capcom has cleared up the confusion today by confirming […]

Ibuki Is Coming To Street Fighter V
Capcom has been adding new characters to Street Fighter V through DLCs and the latest character to arrive in the game is one that franchise fans might be familiar with. Capcom has confirmed that Ibuki is making her way to Street Fighter V. Ibuki was first introduced in Street Fighter III: Third Strike and she was included in Street Fighter IV as well.

Street Fighter 5 DLC Screenshots Introduce A New Character
Capcom is regularly going to add new characters to Street Fighter 5 through DLCs, it appears that the second DLC character for the game is going to arrive soon because Capcom posted some screenshots on its Facebook page today which introduced a new character called Guile. The screenshots were promptly taken down leading us to believe that somebody at the company jumped the gun.

Street Fighter 5 March Update Coming Next Week
Capcom has confirmed today that the much awaited Street Fighter 5 March update is going to be released next week. It’s going to bring the first post-release character to the game called Alex. The upcoming patch is also going to add an in-game shop to Street Fighter 5 but it won’t be possible for players to spend real money in the shop immediately.

Capcom Starts Docking League Points Of Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitters
Rage quitters have proven to be a big headache for Capcom ever since it launched Street Fighter 5. They’re players who disconnect from a match when it becomes clear that they’re going to lose. Since disconnected games don’t count as a win or loss for all players involved, rage quitters get to keep their winning percentage high by quitting matches they’re sure to lose. There has been an outcry against […]

Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitters Will Get 'Severe' Punishment
Rage quitting is the practice of leaving a game just as you’re about to lose it. Players used to do it all the time in games like Counter-Strike, DotA, StarCraft and many more. This practice is heavily frowned upon today and developers have come up with ways to punish players who indulge in this behavior. Capcom didn’t punish Street Fighter 5 rage quitters initially but it did say that the […]

Street Fighter 5 Story Mode Will Take About 2 Hours To Play
Street Fighter franchise fans have been anxiously waiting for the latest iteration to arrive. Capcom confirmed last month that a proper full story mode will be coming to Street Fighter 5 later this year. The story mode will be released in June and it will be available to everybody who has purchased a copy of this game. The producers of this game have revealed that the upcoming story mode will […]

Pre-Load Street Fighter 5 Now Via PSN And Steam
Countless fans of the Street Fighter franchise have anxiously been waiting for the new title to arrive and it will in just a couple of days. There’s good news today for those who have been waiting for this title to arrive. If you’re based in North America you can pre-load Street Fighter 5 now via PSN and Steam.

Street Fighter 5 Cinematic Trailer Released
Street Fighter 5 release draws near with each passing day. It has been a while since a new title in this iconic franchise was released so naturally fans are very excited about finally getting their hands on it. Capcom is building up the hype for Street Fighter 5 by regularly releasing new trailers that showcase features like some of the new characters that are playable in this game. Today Capcom […]

Latest Street Fighter 5 Trailer Introduces Necalli
Capcom has gradually been introducing new characters that will feature in Street Fighter 5 by releasing trailers for the upcoming title. There will be 16 playable characters in the game and four of them are completely new. One of those new characters is called Necalli that has been profiled in a new trailer that Capcom has released for Street Fighter 5.

New Street Fighter 5 Trailer Details Game Modes
The latest title in the famous Street Fighter franchise will be arriving soon so the time is right for Capcom to release a new Street Fighter 5 trailer. This three-minute trailer details all of the various game modes that will be available to players, these include Tutorial, Story, Survival, Training and Network modes.

Street Fighter 5 Full Story Mode Confirmed
Street Fighter fans are excited because the latest title in this massive franchise is going to be released in a few weeks from now, they will certainly be interested to know the announcement that Capcom has made today. Capcom has confirmed that Street Fighter 5 is going to have a proper full story mode, making it the first title in this entire franchise to get a full story mode.