Street Fighter fans are excited because the latest title in this massive franchise is going to be released in a few weeks from now, they will certainly be interested to know the announcement that Capcom has made today. Capcom has confirmed that Street Fighter 5 is going to have a proper full story mode, making it the first title in this entire franchise to get a full story mode.

This was confirmed by series producer Yoshinori Ono in an interview with Engadget, Ono has said that the single-player campaign won’t be available at launch. Instead, the full story mode for Street Fighter 5 is going to be released in June as free downloadable content. It will be available to everybody who purchases Street Fighter 5 at no additional cost.

The story mode is going to bridge together events of Street Fighter IV with Street Fighter III that’s placed later in the chronology of the Street Fighter universe. There will be over an hour’s worth of in-game cinematic sequences which will run off the same 3D engine that’s going to power the rest of the game. Capcom hasn’t revealed as yet how long the story mode is going to take but it’s expected that players will get several hours of extra content.

Capcom has said that it’s not going to sell “upgrade packs” like every other game developer is now selling, it doesn’t want to release updates that some people buy and some don’t, which is why it’s going to continuously deliver free updates for Street Fighter 5 to ensure that players have a balanced experience.

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