street fighter 5

Rage quitters have proven to be a big headache for Capcom ever since it launched Street Fighter 5. They’re players who disconnect from a match when it becomes clear that they’re going to lose. Since disconnected games don’t count as a win or loss for all players involved, rage quitters get to keep their winning percentage high by quitting matches they’re sure to lose. There has been an outcry against this and Capcom has said it will dole out “severe punishment” to such playersÅ. It has now started docking League Points of rage quitters.

Capcom has started identifying players with unusually high disconnect rates coupled with very high win rates to sanction them in the game’s ranking system. It has docked League Points of more than 30 players so far.

Only the worst offenders in the system are being targeted currently. Players who have had a few instances of being disconnected during the match through no fault of their own have nothing to worry about. It’s looking at players with disconnect rates as high as 90 percent.

Capcom has pointed out that docking League Points is just a temporary solution and that it’s still looking into a permanent solution that discourages players from rage quitting as well as a permanent solution to sanction players that don’t mend their ways.

It will have more to share on this in a couple of weeks. Capcom is also promising a “major news drop” in the coming week.

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