Capcom had said that it would provide more information about the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character today and it has followed through on that promise. The next Street Fighter 5 DLC character is Kolin and she’s going to join the game’s roster later this month.

Kolin is going to make her Street Fighter 5 debut after working behind the scenes for Gill and the shadowy Illuminati organization. Kolin first made an appearance in Street Fighter III. Capcom says that “she works behind the scenes in order to fulfill the Prophecy of Miraha and stop any who dare stand in Gill’s way. She is typically calm and collected, but can (and will) suddenly fly into a rage when anybody threatens Gill and his plans.”

The next Street Fighter 5 DLC character is a master in Systema, a Russian martial art form, and is trained to use the opponent’s momentum against them. Gill has given her the power of ice which enables her to support her fight style with deadly icicles and frigid blasts. Kolin is going to join Street Fighter 5’s roster on February 28th.

Capcom says that it’s going to provide more information about Kolin in the coming weeks. It’s selling the Season 2 Character Pass for $29. This will give players access to Akuma, Kolin, and four additional DLC characters that will be unveiled individually every month. The pass includes Premium Battle Costumes as well. All Season 2 Character Pass holders get an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme as well.

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