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Playboy Releases iPhone App Filled With Clothed Women, Articles
We know when you hear Playboy releasing a dedicated app onto the iPhone, we’re sure one of the first things you thought was it possibly being an April Fools’ Day joke. But after seeing it for ourselves, we can tell you today’s release, as ironic as it is, is no joke.The Playboy for iPhone application takes out all of those silly nude images that nobody picks up their magazines for, […]

PS4 May Offer Multiple PlayStation Network Subscription Levels
Ever since Sony unveiled its PlayStation 4 last week, additional information has been trickling in that wasn’t possible to cover during the two-hour event. Since then, we’ve learned the PlayStation 4 will play used games, won’t support PlayStation 3 controllers and will still use Blu-ray as the primary media format. Today, we’re hearing the PlayStation 4 may introduce multiple subscription levels for its PlayStation Network service.Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida spoke with […]

Final Fantasy XIV returns to paid subscription model in January 2012
Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV started off with good intentions, amazing graphics and what appeared to be rather promising gameplay. Unfortunately after it was launched it was met with bug, after bug, after bug, that the company decided that in order to retain their player base, they would offer free subscriptions. It was never meant to be a permanent solution and it looks like if you have been enjoying FF14 […]

UFC on Xbox Live launching 1st December
Fans of MMA and UFC will be pleased to know that come 1st of December, UFC will be arriving on Xbox Live, which is a subscription based service by Microsoft that offers both multiplayer gaming and digital media content.


Adobe announces Carousel, cloud-based photo editing/sharing service
When editing your photos, sometimes manual syncing may cause you to forget to transfer the latest copy from your computer onto your smartphone or tablet, or from desktop to laptop, but thanks to Adobe’s just announced Carousel photo editing and sharing application, those embarrassing moments when you realize your laptop does not have the latest/updated file may be a thing of the past.

MoviePass offers exclusive subscription service for unlimited movies in theaters
What’s better than watching an unlimited amount of movies on your TV screen in your living room? How about an unlimited number of movies at the theater instead? If you like the sound of that, you’ll be interested in MoviePass. Movie Pass has just announced the private beta of its first ever exclusive subscription service that will allow movie enthusiasts to watch an unlimited number of movies at a fixed […]

The Financial Times launches web app version of its publication
It looks like The Financial Times has found a way to circumvent giving Apple a 30% cut of its profits made from magazine subscriptions: through the use of a web app. The magazine has just launched the platform agnostic version of its digital magazine that will “bypass Apple’s iTunes Store, Google’s Android Market and other distributors to secure a direct relationship with readers”.Now why didn’t other magazines think of this […]

Google to announce Chrome OS notebook monthly subscription today?
Remember when we reported about rumors stating that Google will be selling their Chrome notebooks at a $20/month subscription instead of a one-time price? Well, according to a recent report from Forbes, Google will be announcing the $20 subscription for their Chome notebooks today. However there’ll be a catch – the cheap monthly subscription for the notebooks will only be available to students.Making it available to students is a great […]

Hearst Publications to sell magazines on iTunes
Hearst Publications, the publisher behind popular magazines like Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and O, will be putting its publications up for sale on the iTunes store. The Wall Street Journal has reported that a deal has been finalized between the two Hearst Publications and Apple, and they will start selling their iPad versions of the aforementioned magazines, starting this July.The magazines will be sold at $1.99 a month or $19.99 for […]

DVD sales down by 20%, Netflix subscriptions up 33%
Is the DVD format about to die out? According to a report by the Digital Entertainment Group, DVD sales in the US, Q1 2011 have dropped 20% when compared to Q1 2010. Studios blamed the fall in sales due to quirks in release cycles, but observers aren’t entirely convinced.The popular online movie streaming service, Netflix, grew 33% when compared in the same time frame. A huge difference when compared to […]

Google Chrome OS laptops to get a monthly subscription?
We all know that the Google Chrome OS is about to make its debut as a stable operating system sometime in the new future, and that the netbooks are on their way. All that’s left to figure out is how much they will cost. According to an exclusive report from the folks at Neowin, it looks like Google will have an interesting pricing strategy for their Chrome OS netbooks.

Bloomberg releases Businessweek+ magazine app on iPad
While publishers are busy fighting for a better incentive when selling magazine subscriptions though iTunes on the iPad, Bloomberg has decided to go ahead and release an official magazine app anyway. Called Bloomberg Businessweek+, this app isn’t designed to take on The Daily; rather, it is just another magazine for users to get their business news updates. The app is free, and as an introduction, the first issue will only […]

New York Times introduces digital subscriptions
The New York Times, for the longest time one of the more established newspapers around, has kept up with the times and will be introducing a new business model for digital journalism which intends to establish a different method of consuming content online, long after the print segment experiences a dignified death. Those who are in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, as well as the East Village, are part of […]

Google gets into the subscription game with “One Pass”
Google has just announced the launch of a new web subscription model for publishers looking to distribute their content online. Called Google One Pass, this model allows users to have a single username and login for on subscription to access the content they’ve paid for on the service. Publishers who use Google One Pass will have more freedom over the kinds of subscriptions they can offer, i.e. day passes, pay […]