Google One Pass
Google has just announced the launch of a new web subscription model for publishers looking to distribute their content online. Called Google One Pass, this model allows users to have a single username and login for on subscription to access the content they’ve paid for on the service. Publishers who use Google One Pass will have more freedom over the kinds of subscriptions they can offer, i.e. day passes, pay per article etc, and can even select which content is free or requires payment. The benefits of using One Pass is that publishers only need to add a small amount of code and development is minimal – they can focus their time on creating content for their subscribers instead of having to deal with management issues. Oh and the other thing is – Google is only charging them a 10% cut instead of the recently announced 30% that Apple demands for having in-app subscription on iOS. Sneaky move by Google? You could say that – but there are no rules saying you’re not allowed to undercut your competition in the first place. But in the end it’s up to the publishers to decide whether they want to go to Google as the cheaper alternative or to Apple for the iOS brand and user base. Hit the break to watch a video of what Google One Pass is after the break:

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