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Suicides At Foxconn Continue As Workers Toil In Silent Mode
It has been three years running, that a small number of those working at Foxconn have committed suicide for various reasons from 2010 onwards, and the latest suicide at a Foxconn plant would extend this unwanted run to four years. In fact, it was reported that a couple of staff suicide attempts happened in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant in central China’s Henan province, all within the space of four days. Both […]

Claire Lin, Taiwanese woman commits suicide while on Facebook chat
A woman in Taiwan named Claire Lin killed herself by closing up a room and inhaling poisonous fumes from a charcoal barbecue that she had started. While Lin was waiting for the fumes to put her to sleep, she was chatting with friends on Facebook. Lin committed suicide on her 31st birthday dated March 18th. Lin’s last few Facebook entries show her chatting with nine friends about her slow asphyxiation […]

Another Foxconn worker commits suicide?
I’m starting to wonder whether the Foxconn factory has some sort of nefarious powers behind it which tend to cause humans who work there to take their own life – after all, the most recent case where a worker fell to his death from the sixth floor of the factory dormitory, in addition to past cases where underpaid, depressed and stressed workers decided to take their own lives which caused […]

Foxconn workers asked to sign anti-suicide pledge
How difficult is it to spend your days in a factory building iPhones, surrounded by people just like you? Too difficult for some people apparently. As we all know, working at Foxconn isn’t the best job in the world, in fact it’s probably something that even the biggest Apple fanboy (or girl) wouldn’t dream of doing – despite the chance to be surrounded by Apple products all day long, while […]


Facebook now has a suicide help system
Ever since “Facebook suicides” have started becoming a “trend”, the social networking service has decided to step in to help. In case you haven’t heard, people have been using Facebook to post their suicide notes and final messages before taking their lives. Usually during the days leading up to the suicide, those people usually post depressing status updates or links on their page to garner some attention before committing suicide. […]

Segway founder dead, rolls off cliff on two-wheeled vehicle
The founder of Segway has ironically been found dead, having driven a two-wheeled ’Segway-style’ vehicle off a cliff whilst on his North Yorkshire grounds. Jimi Heselden, owner of Hesco Bastion, apparently fell off the cliffs of his estate, where a Segway-style vehicle was recovered in the process. Unfortunately, he was already pronounced dead at the scene when the calvary arrived. RIP Jimi, and thanks for your two-wheeled creation that helped […]

Anti-psychotics could play a part in latest Foxconn death employee
Foxconn is no stranger to employee suicides, as a fair number of them have already decided to take the painful way out of life due to reasons only known to them. In the latest death of a Foxconn employee, police discovered anti-psychotics as part of her belongings. She apparently plunged to her death on August 4 at Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant, where it has been classified as the victim of an […]