Anti-psychotics could play a part in latest Foxconn death employee

Foxconn is no stranger to employee suicides, as a fair number of them have already decided to take the painful way out of life due to reasons only known to them. In the latest death of a Foxconn employee, police discovered anti-psychotics as part of her belongings. She apparently plunged to her death on August 4 at Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant, where it has been classified as the victim of an accident without murder being part of the motive. Among the drugs found were chlorprothixene and risperidone, which were used to treat and control mental disorders. Is it still that stressful after a pay raise? Perhaps Foxconn should look into the mental health of its employees to prevent any future untoward incidents. The cartoon on the right shows a couple of Foxconn managers standing next to a sign saying “Suicide (Jumping off building) is forbidden. Suicide is harmful to your health.” While the man in gray claims that “We’ve already done our best,” the man in white, who is probably Foxconn president Terry Gou claims that “It must be a problem with our feng shui.”

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