I’m starting to wonder whether the Foxconn factory has some sort of nefarious powers behind it which tend to cause humans who work there to take their own life – after all, the most recent case where a worker fell to his death from the sixth floor of the factory dormitory, in addition to past cases where underpaid, depressed and stressed workers decided to take their own lives which caused quite an uproar. Why did Foxconn make the news then? It could be because the company is one of the major contractors for the iPhone, in addition to manufacturing devices for Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia and Sony Ericsson amongst others.

The latest employee who died was only 21-years old, adding yet another blemish to an ever rising figure of over a dozen suicides at Foxconn since 2010. The deceased joined just last month as an assistant last month, accumulated just two hours of overtime in total, so job stress and pressure could not be the reason behind this apparent suicide. Guess the signing of the anti-suicide pledge didn’t work out as planned…

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