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Microsoft Launches A Surface Membership Program
Running a business can be expensive which is why sometimes companies are stuck using old computers and hardware because upgrading is costly. However the good news is that if you’re a company looking to ensure that you have the latest hardware possible, Microsoft has launched a membership program for their Surface products.

Surface Book 2 Could Be Launched Next Month
For the past few years, Microsoft has been releasing various Surface and Surface Pro tablets, but last year the Redmond company released the Surface Book, which is basically Microsoft’s take on a laptop. In case last year’s model wasn’t to your liking, you might be pleased to learn that next month we could be looking at its successor.

Surface Book Gets A $100 Discount
Microsoft has received a lot of praise for its first notebook and the product appears to have done well in the market as well. In order to give people an incentive to purchase its notebook instead of those from its competitors, Microsoft has decided to offer a $100 discount on the Surface Book. The discount will be applicable on all six Surface Book configurations and will be available until April […]

Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 Gets 1TB Of Storage Space
So, you are in the market to pick up a brand new Surface Book or a new Surface Pro 4 from the folks over at Microsoft, but still cannot make up your mind just yet as to which configuration in which you should choose from. Microsoft has just made things a little bit more interesting for such folks, by bumping up the total amount of internal memory to a whopping […]


Microsoft Surface Book Is 'Deluded,' Says Apple CEO Tim Cook
You can’t expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to have much love for products made by rival Microsoft and while he’s not one to trash talk regularly Cook has made some rather interesting comments about the first laptop that Microsoft has ever built. The Surface Book was unveiled about a month ago and it has done very well for itself in the market but that stellar performance doesn’t seem to have […]

Screen Flicker Fix For Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book
It would be really something if a particular device were to be released to the market without seeing it experience some sort of problem or issue – minor or otherwise, right? Well, the same goes for the in-demand Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, where both of them have just entered their second week of availability. Of course, this has led to several users being unhappy with their purchases, since […]

You Won't Find It Easy To Repair Microsoft Surface Book
Microsoft recently launched the first laptop that it has ever made, called Surface Book, the laptop has actually proven to be a hit among consumers with Microsoft having to ramp up production in order to meet demand. It seems that all is well with this new product, but if you intend on purchasing one with the idea that if something goes wrong you’ll easily make a repair yourself, you better […]

Windows Hello Might Be Reason Behind Battery Drain
Windows Hello, the biometric authentication system in Windows 10, might actually be the culprit behind the unusual battery drain of the new Surface Pro 4 as well as Surface Book while both devices are in sleep mode. At least, this is the phenomenon (and not a good one, we might add) that several owners of either device go through whenever their Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 are put to […]

Microsoft's New Website Wants MacBook Users To Switch To Surface Book
Microsoft is now in the business of making laptops, the Surface Book is the first laptop that it has ever made and from the looks of it the company has done a very good job. Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it has the MacBook in its crosshairs, the company has now launched a new website with the sole purpose of enticing MacBook users to switch to the […]

Best Buy Offers $100 For Purchase Of Surface Pro 4 Or Surface Book
Microsoft’s new products have got people talking, if the Surface Pro 4 tablet is not enough to catch your attention then perhaps you should take a look at the Surface Book. It’s the first laptop that Microsoft has ever produced on its own and from the response that it has received from consumers people seem to be loving it. If you’ve been meaning to pick one up and would like to […]

Microsoft: Surface Book Pre-Orders Have Been “Huge”
With the announcement of the Surface Book, it basically heralded Microsoft’s entry into creating laptops of their own. Given how many OEMs there are out there, many of whom are also Microsoft’s partners, it was an interesting choice by the Redmond company. However it also seems to have been the right choice.According to a report from WIRED, Microsoft executive Panos Panay revealed that reactions to the Surface Book have been […]

Microsoft Adds Discrete GPU Option To Low-End Surface Book Model
The Surface Book is basically a laptop/tablet hybrid device launched by Microsoft earlier this month. As such it is available in a multitude of configurations starting at $1,499. However if there is one thing the $1,499 entry-level model is missing is a discrete GPU, meaning that it has to rely on Intel’s HD graphics which might not be ideal in some situations.However if you don’t mind shelling out an extra […]

Surface Book Pre-Orders Cancelled?
Update: Here’s the statement from Microsoft. As we are processing and shipping the previously placed Surface Book pre-orders, some needed to have order details re-entered to properly process the transaction. We will be contacting impacted customers, and should they wish to keep their order, it will be shipped within a few days of being re-entered. Microsoft certainly ushered in their very own interpretation of what a powerful tablet hybrid device […]

Surface Book With Core i7 And 1TB Storage Costs A Whopping $3,199
Microsoft’s Surface Book appears to have caused a bit of a shopping frenzy, the company has already sold out of its pre-order stock once, the first configuration to sell out was the most expensive one but now there’s an even pricier model available for pre-order. It’s the Surface Book with a Core i7 processor and 1TB internal storage, this particular model costs a whopping $3,199.