Microsoft’s Surface Book appears to have caused a bit of a shopping frenzy, the company has already sold out of its pre-order stock once, the first configuration to sell out was the most expensive one but now there’s an even pricier model available for pre-order. It’s the Surface Book with a Core i7 processor and 1TB internal storage, this particular model costs a whopping $3,199.

For this much money customers will get a dedicated custom NVIDIA GPU, a sixth generation Core i7 processor from Intel as well as a 1TB SSD or solid state drive. It features 16GB RAM and is powered by Windows 10 Pro.

Even though it hasn’t been long since this configuration was available through the Microsoft Store there already appear to be supply constraints. As is the case with other Surface Book configurations, the $3,199 unit isn’t expected to ship before 7 to 8 weeks at the very least.

Looks like Microsoft is seeing decent consumer reaction to its first laptop ever, the Surface Book marks Microsoft’s entry into this arena, which has largely been dominated by companies who have almost always merely licensed Windows from Microsoft.

All configurations had sold out at one point but it’s possible to place a pre-order once again, but as previously mentioned, don’t expect delivery to take place too soon.

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