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Microsoft Surface Go 2 And Surface Book 3 Announced
If you’re in the market for a new tablet or laptop, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has recently announced that its Surface Go and Surface Book devices have been refreshed, where the company has officially taken the wraps off both the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3.

Latest Update Causing BSOD For Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 Devices
Late last month it was reported that an update to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 caused the device to fail in which it required users to send them back in for replacements. Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has been affected with bad update as well, causing the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death).

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 New Base Model Starts At $1,199
Just the other day Microsoft introduced a cheaper option for its Surface Laptop where instead of the base model priced at $999, there is a newer and lower-specced model that will be priced starting at $799 instead. However if you’re not a fan of Windows 10 S and wanted a “full” Windows 10 experience, then the Surface Book 2 is probably for you.

New Surface Book Variant With Core i7 Processor Coming Next Month
It was recently discovered that Microsoft was offering the Core i7-powered Surface Laptop in Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold color options. These new variants will be released next month. The company is adding yet another variant of its Windows 10 S-powered notebook. The new variant is available for pre-order right now and it will be released on October 3rd.


High Surface Book Return Rates Seen In Leaked Microsoft Memo
Consumer Reports pulled its recommended rating for Microsoft’s Surface hardware products last week, citing reliability issues. Microsoft disagrees with the downgrade and is reportedly readying a marketing push to present its side of the story to the customers. According to a new report, an internal Microsoft memo has been leaked which shows that the company initially saw high return rates for the Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Studio International Release Details Revealed
Microsoft wowed us with the Surface Studio all-in-one PC late last year and it has only been selling the computer in the United States since then. This is the first time that Microsoft has confirmed the Surface Studio international release details. The computer is initially going to be released in three additional countries outside the United States before it’s eventually made available for purchase officially in other countries across the […]

Surface Book 2 May Not Be Launched At Microsoft's Next Hardware Event
A new report claims that Microsoft is planning to hold a special Surface hardware event in the spring this year where it’s going to show off some new products. However, the report does mention that the Surface Book 2 will not be launched at this event. Fans of the first Surface Book will surely be expecting the company to unveil the successor at its next hardware event but if there’s […]

Surface Book Prices Increased In The UK Following Brexit
Even before Brexit officially happened, it doesn’t take a financial genius or an economics guru to realize that if it were to happen, it would undoubtedly affect the economy of both the UK and the European market, and in turn affect the value of the GBP. This is why in recent times we’ve seen companies such as Microsoft increase the price of some of their services.

Microsoft Really Doesn’t Want You Using A MacBook
Apple and Microsoft’s rivalry is pretty well-known, and it seems that Microsoft is taking it to the next level by paying customers not to use Apple’s laptops. By that we mean that the Redmond company has recently unveiled a new promotion in which they will be giving customers credit if they were to trade-in their MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for one of Microsoft’s devices.

New Surface Book Is More Powerful And Power Efficient For $2,399
Microsoft has made some very interesting announcements at its event in New York City today. We’ve seen the company announce the next major Windows 10 update as well as the much-rumored all-in-one PC called Surface Studio. Microsoft has also announced an upgraded Surface Book at the event, it’s now more powerful and power efficient than ever before.

Microsoft Shaves $150 Off The Surface Book
You don’t have to wait too long these days for Microsoft to offer a discount on the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. It seems like every other week the company is trimming the price in order to encourage people to pick up these Windows-powered devices. Microsoft has now shaved off $150 off the price of the entry-level Surface Book and it’s already offering a $150 gift card with […]

Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC Expected To Launch Next Month
Microsoft has spent a lot of time and resources to build its Surface brand as one of the best for Windows-powered devices. Last year, the company expanded the Surface brand with its first ever laptop, aptly called Surface Book. If reports are to be believed, Microsoft might be in the process of expanding this brand to another PC form factor. Microsoft is reportedly going to launch a Surface-branded all-in-one PC […]

Microsoft Now Selling Refurbished 'Good As New' Surface Book And Surface Pro 4
If you’ve been thinking about buying a Surface Book or a Surface Pro 4 and wouldn’t mind saving some money in the process, perhaps you should look at what Microsoft’s offering now. The company as started selling refurbished “good as new” units of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. You can get them at a 15 percent discount compared to the full retail price.

Surface Book 2 Rumored To Arrive In Q2 2017
Many are holding on to the hope that Microsoft is going to launch the second-generation Surface Book later this year but if a new rumor is to be believed, that might not happen. Apparently the company is now shooting for a release in the second quarter of 2017 following some issues with the design. That’s why it’s said that Microsoft is now going to aim for a Q2 2017 release […]

Microsoft Launches A Surface Membership Program
Running a business can be expensive which is why sometimes companies are stuck using old computers and hardware because upgrading is costly. However the good news is that if you’re a company looking to ensure that you have the latest hardware possible, Microsoft has launched a membership program for their Surface products.

Surface Book 2 Could Be Launched Next Month
For the past few years, Microsoft has been releasing various Surface and Surface Pro tablets, but last year the Redmond company released the Surface Book, which is basically Microsoft’s take on a laptop. In case last year’s model wasn’t to your liking, you might be pleased to learn that next month we could be looking at its successor.

Surface Book Gets A $100 Discount
Microsoft has received a lot of praise for its first notebook and the product appears to have done well in the market as well. In order to give people an incentive to purchase its notebook instead of those from its competitors, Microsoft has decided to offer a $100 discount on the Surface Book. The discount will be applicable on all six Surface Book configurations and will be available until April […]

Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 Gets 1TB Of Storage Space
So, you are in the market to pick up a brand new Surface Book or a new Surface Pro 4 from the folks over at Microsoft, but still cannot make up your mind just yet as to which configuration in which you should choose from. Microsoft has just made things a little bit more interesting for such folks, by bumping up the total amount of internal memory to a whopping […]

Microsoft Surface Book Is 'Deluded,' Says Apple CEO Tim Cook
You can’t expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to have much love for products made by rival Microsoft and while he’s not one to trash talk regularly Cook has made some rather interesting comments about the first laptop that Microsoft has ever built. The Surface Book was unveiled about a month ago and it has done very well for itself in the market but that stellar performance doesn’t seem to have […]

Screen Flicker Fix For Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book
It would be really something if a particular device were to be released to the market without seeing it experience some sort of problem or issue – minor or otherwise, right? Well, the same goes for the in-demand Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, where both of them have just entered their second week of availability. Of course, this has led to several users being unhappy with their purchases, since […]