Microsoft is now in the business of making laptops, the Surface Book is the first laptop that it has ever made and from the looks of it the company has done a very good job. Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it has the MacBook in its crosshairs, the company has now launched a new website with the sole purpose of enticing MacBook users to switch to the Surface Book. The aim here is to make them realize that moving over from OS X to Windows isn’t as daunting as they might believe;

“We want you to feel confident switching from Mac to Surface Book,” the website reads, adding that it understands people keep memories within their computers and moving them from one platform to the other can be “nerve-racking,” and that learning new software can feel daunting.

The website assures Mac owners that it wants to make the transition as easy as possible for them, it has been designed to answer Mac users questions about switching to Surface Book and Windows 10.

There are four detailed guides on the website that explain some basic features of Windows 10, answers to many questions about moving from Mac to Surface Book, how to move data like photos, file and mail to the Windows 10-powered laptop and how they can use the Surface Book with iPhone, iCloud and iTunes to still be attached to Apple’s ecosystem even when they’ve dumped the MacBook.

Clearly what Microsoft is trying to do there is to downplay concerns that it’s very daunting to shift everything from a Mac to a Windows PC, it’s hoping that the Surface Book’s sleek looks and powerful hardware will entice at least some MacBook users to look beyond any potential concerns they might have with Windows to give its platform another chance.

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