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Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet
We reported recently that Microsoft will soon unveil a new Surface tablet. Even though it would be the Surface 2’s successor it won’t be relegated to Windows RT. That’s precisely what Redmond announced today. Microsoft has formally announced the Surface 3 tablet. It’s the thinnest and lightest Surface that the company has ever shipped. Surface 3 runs full Windows and desktop applications, comes with a one-year subscription to Office 365 and even […]

Surface 3 Tablet Will Reportedly Tout A Full Version Of Windows
Microsoft launched the Surface 2 tablet back in 2013. Last year the company launched the Surface Pro 3 but didn’t say if it would be launching a Surface 3. The “Pro” models are expensive and aimed at customers who want a powerful package with full Windows. The vanilla Surface models were cheaper and powered by Windows RT. A new report today claims Microsoft is working on the Surface 3 tablet […]

Microsoft's Latest Surface Pro 3 Promotion Encourages Trade-Ins
Microsoft has run all manner of promotions and deals to increase sales of its Surface Pro 3 tablet. Today a similar promotion has kicked off which entices people to trade-in their existing Surface tablets so that they too can upgrade to a Surface Pro 3. The promotion is only being run for a limited time but it is live for more than a fortnight which should give ample time to […]

Surface Pro 3 Price Gets A $100 Cut
Microsoft has left no opportunity pass to remind users that its Surface Pro 3 tablet is the perfect MacBook Air alternative. Promotions and deals are just some of the ways the company tries to bump up sales of its tablet and its doing something similar once again. For a limited time Microsoft has cut the Surface Pro 3 price by $100 for customers in the United States.


Surface Pro 3 Graphics Driver For Windows 10 Updated
It goes without saying that any operating system, no matter how well thought out it is, will still come with some issues to fix, minor or otherwise. After all, there is no such thing as an unbreakable code, and hence, it is not surprising to hear that preview versions of Windows 10 do arrive with their very own set of bugs, issues and problems. Having said that, the Microsoft Surface […]

Microsoft's New Website Helps MacBook Users Switch To The Surface Pro 3
It is no secret that Microsoft and Apple have a rivalry and when Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, many were quick to dub it the MacBook Air killer. That being said it looks like Microsoft is still attempting to lure users over onto the Surface Pro 3 and has since launched a website to help MacBook users to make the switch, if they choose to do son.Dubbed “Making the […]

Austrian Airlines To Equip Pilots With Microsoft Tablets
When it boils down to flying, there are many different kinds of checks and balances that need to be made, and pilots do have to be technologically savvy in order to ensure that they will be able to fly a whole plane-load of people to their destination safe and sound. Having said that, tablets have already made their way to the cockpits of airlines such as Delta (which saw their […]

Samsung Rumored To Launch 13-Inch Tablet This Year
Rumors are increasingly making out tablets with large displays to be the next hot trend in the market. It is consistently being rumored that Apple is working on an iPad Pro with a 12-inch+ display. Just yesterday we heard something similar about the Microsoft Surface Pro. Today its Samsung’s turn. Rumor has it that the company is working on a 13-inch tablet which it plans to release before the end […]

Larger Surface Pro Tablet Rumored
You may have heard a lot of rumors recently that Apple is working on a larger iPad and while no one knows for sure whether or not that device is going to see the light of day, a new rumor has surfaced today claiming that Microsoft is now mulling over a larger Surface Pro tablet. Apparently Microsoft is toying with this idea following an improvement in the sales of its Surface […]

Microsoft Rumored To Shut Down Surface Tablet Business
A rather interesting rumor has come up today regarding Microsoft’s Surface tablet business. Apparently the company is not very “aggressive” about developing a next-generation Surface tablet because sales of existing models, including the Surface Pro 3, have been lower than expected. The rumor claims that Microsoft may even be mulling over existing the tablet business altogether.

Microsoft Cuts Surface Pro 3 Price By 10% For Students
Companies like Microsoft and Google tend to focus some of their products towards the education sector. Just yesterday the latter announced unlimited cloud storage for students who use Google Drive for Education. Today Microsoft has made its own announcement but it has to more with hardware and less with software. The company confirmed a 10 percent price cut for its Surface Pro 3 tablets aimed squarely at students.

Surface Pro 3 Gets FAA/EASA Authorization For Commercial Airlines Qualification
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 could very well soar to even greater heights soon – literally speaking, especially after this productivity tablet has received certification for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) usage by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Gets New Firmware Update
The Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft has had a rollercoaster ride so far, having gone through overheating issues in recent times. Well, it looks like Microsoft is continuing to work at the Surface Pro 3, having released a new firmware update that ought to bring this particular tablet to a whole new level of performance. All right, realistically, to make it function better than before. To grab the latest firmware […]

Surface Pro 3 Sells Well In The UK
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has certainly gone through quite a bit of adventure on the news front recently, especially when one takes into consideration the alleged overheating issues that Microsoft has already promised a fix for it. Still, the business class tablet has been released in another 25 more markets recently, and word has it that the Surface Pro 3 is doing pretty well for itself over in the […]