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Second Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue Fixed By Microsoft
We first found out that there was a battery issue with the Surface Pro 3 earlier this year. Microsoft looked into the matter and confirmed that it didn’t have anything to do with the hardware itself and that it could be fixed through a firmware update. An update was then released after several weeks to take care of the issue, however, a second issue soon cropped up. Microsoft has now […]

Surface Pro 3 Experiencing Battery Issues Again
When new products are launched, sometimes there are issues that weren’t discovered during the testing phase and this is normal. However for devices to exhibit problems long after they have been on the market can’t be a good sign, but unfortunately that seems to be the problem that Surface Pro 3 owners are facing.

Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue Fix Released By Microsoft
Over the past few months, we have been hearing reports that many Surface Pro 3 users are experiencing rapid battery drain which essentially makes the device useless if they don’t have it plugged in all the time. Microsoft has been working on the fix for quite some time now and it has finally been released today. Those who own an affected Surface Pro 3 will certainly be hoping that this […]

Surface Pro 3 Battery Issues Will Be Fixed Via Software
For the past few weeks, Microsoft has been looking into complaints from many Surface Pro 3 owners regarding significant battery drain. A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft confirmed that the issue has nothing to do with the hardware itself and that it appears to be fixable via software. Microsoft has now said that it’s going to do just that. It’s going to fix the Surface Pro 3 battery issues by […]


Microsoft Blames Surface Pro 3 Battery Issues On Software
We reported yesterday that Microsoft was investigating reports of significant battery issues with the Surface Pro 3. Reports of the Surface Pro 3 facing these issues started coming in back in May this year and Microsoft finally said that it’s going to look into the matter. Well it has, and has blamed it on software, which is good news because apparently there’s nothing wrong with the hardware.

Surface Pro 3 Battery Issues Being Investigated By Microsoft
Many Surface Pro 3 owners are reported significant battery issues with their tablet/notebook hybrid and Microsoft has taken notice of the problems. The company says that it’s investigating the matter. Reports of Surface Pro 3 battery drain have been coming in since May this year and many users are now reporting that their devices barely last for an hour after being fully charged. That’s certainly not normal and requires a […]

Surface Pro 3 Gets A LEGO Mod
There are so many accessories that we bring with us for our laptops and tablets. For example we might have flash drives, external hard drives, maybe a battery pack, a mouse, charging cables, and etc. Sometimes it can get pretty messy, but one Redditor by the name of Splice1138 has come up with a pretty clever way of handling that.

Microsoft Black Friday 2015 Deals Revealed
Billions of dollars will be spent over the next few days as people purchase the things that they need and even the things that they don’t, the discounts tend to be so enticing during this time of the year that we often find ourselves buying things that we don’t need but want. In case you have Microsoft products on your shopping list do check out the Microsoft Black Friday 2015 deals […]

Surface Pro 3 Is $200 Cheaper Today
It’s not uncommon for Microsoft to cut prices of its Surface tablets to get the sales momentum going again and the company is doing something along the same lines today. For just one day it has discounted the Surface Pro 3 by $200 so you’ll have to hurry if you want to pick one up at this significantly discounted price.

Surface 3 & Pro 3 Now Sold With Windows 10 Pre-installed
Last year Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 and this year we were treated to the Surface 3. Both are Windows-based tablets from Microsoft and both came with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. Now if you were thinking of getting either device and are wondering how the Windows 10 situation is going to be like, wonder no more.It seems that Microsoft has begun selling both tablets with Windows 10 pre-installed on them, […]

Microsoft Reveals New Firmware For Surface 3 And Surface Pro 3
With the Surface Pro 4 launch tipped to happen later this October, it is not surprising that some of us might think that there might not be too much time left for its predecessors in terms of hardware, and the next question would be, how far more would Microsoft go in order to support the older models? Fret not, as the updates for the Microsoft Surface 3 as well as […]

Cheaper Surface Pro 3 With Core i7 Model Goes On Sale
Microsoft has quietly added another variant to its Surface Pro 3 lineup, the new model features the same Core i7 processor from Intel that’s present on the existing Surface Pro 3 models. It features less onboard storage which is the main reason why the new model is cheaper than the existing ones. Nothing else is different about this tablet.

Surface Pro 4 Could Be Announced This Month
The time has come that people start wondering about a successor to the Surface Pro 3 tablet. Microsoft recently revived its Surface tablet line with the Surface 3 and naturally many started asking when the company plans on launching the Surface Pro 4. If word on the street is to be believed, then Redmond might actually be planning to do that as soon as this month.

Microsoft Cuts Surface Pro 3 Price Yet Again
Microsoft really wants you to buy its Surface Pro 3 tablet which is why it has been repeatedly cutting the tablet’s price. Once again the Surface Pro 3 price has been slashed by $150 and the company is also throwing in a fee sleeve for customers, hopefully this will entice them enough to spend their hard earned money on this Windows powered tablet.

Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet
We reported recently that Microsoft will soon unveil a new Surface tablet. Even though it would be the Surface 2’s successor it won’t be relegated to Windows RT. That’s precisely what Redmond announced today. Microsoft has formally announced the Surface 3 tablet. It’s the thinnest and lightest Surface that the company has ever shipped. Surface 3 runs full Windows and desktop applications, comes with a one-year subscription to Office 365 and even […]

Surface 3 Tablet Will Reportedly Tout A Full Version Of Windows
Microsoft launched the Surface 2 tablet back in 2013. Last year the company launched the Surface Pro 3 but didn’t say if it would be launching a Surface 3. The “Pro” models are expensive and aimed at customers who want a powerful package with full Windows. The vanilla Surface models were cheaper and powered by Windows RT. A new report today claims Microsoft is working on the Surface 3 tablet […]

Microsoft's Latest Surface Pro 3 Promotion Encourages Trade-Ins
Microsoft has run all manner of promotions and deals to increase sales of its Surface Pro 3 tablet. Today a similar promotion has kicked off which entices people to trade-in their existing Surface tablets so that they too can upgrade to a Surface Pro 3. The promotion is only being run for a limited time but it is live for more than a fortnight which should give ample time to […]

Surface Pro 3 Price Gets A $100 Cut
Microsoft has left no opportunity pass to remind users that its Surface Pro 3 tablet is the perfect MacBook Air alternative. Promotions and deals are just some of the ways the company tries to bump up sales of its tablet and its doing something similar once again. For a limited time Microsoft has cut the Surface Pro 3 price by $100 for customers in the United States.

Surface Pro 3 Graphics Driver For Windows 10 Updated
It goes without saying that any operating system, no matter how well thought out it is, will still come with some issues to fix, minor or otherwise. After all, there is no such thing as an unbreakable code, and hence, it is not surprising to hear that preview versions of Windows 10 do arrive with their very own set of bugs, issues and problems. Having said that, the Microsoft Surface […]

Microsoft's New Website Helps MacBook Users Switch To The Surface Pro 3
It is no secret that Microsoft and Apple have a rivalry and when Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, many were quick to dub it the MacBook Air killer. That being said it looks like Microsoft is still attempting to lure users over onto the Surface Pro 3 and has since launched a website to help MacBook users to make the switch, if they choose to do son.Dubbed “Making the […]