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Microsoft Knocks $100 Off Several Surface Pro 4 Models
Microsoft appears to have made it a habit to regularly offer discounts and promotions for some of its products, including the Surface tablets. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the company offer substantial discounts regularly on the Surface Pro tablets and it’s back again with a $100 discount on several Surface Pro 4 models. Customers who have been looking to pick one up for less have their chance to […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Power Cord Recall Now Official
If you happen to be in possession of a Surface Pro 3 or its predecessor, perhaps it would be prudent to sit up and take notice of the situation – that the AC cables will need to be swapped out as part of the effort by Microsoft to eliminate any kind of potential fire risks. It was slightly after the middle of last month that Microsoft shared more information on […]

Microsoft Reveals More Information About Surface Pro Power Cord Recall
Microsoft confirmed earlier this week that it’s going to recall some Surface Pro power cords due to concerns about overheating, which could lead to a potential fire hazard. At that time, it told Surface Pro owners to wait for a couple of days after which it would provide more information on actually how the recall will be done. Today Microsoft has released all of the relevant information through its blog.

Microsoft Surface Product Placement On CNN Goes Wrong Because Of iPads
Yesterday was mid-term election day in the U.S. which meant that CNN had a lot on its plate. Millions of viewers were tuned in as they followed the election. Microsoft had a prominent product placement throughout CNN’s coverage of the election which is why Surface Pro tablets were propped open in front of the panelists. Though things went south when viewers noticed that the panelists were actually using their iPads […]


Microsoft Surface Pro Receives Firmware Update
I think for Microsoft users, they do look forward to every second Tuesday of the month, calling it “Patch Tuesday” where developers are concerned. After all, it is during that special day that the folks over at Microsoft tend to roll out not only security but software updates as well for its products. Apart from that, it will also come with new firmware versions for Microsoft’s Surface tablets, but it […]

Patch Tuesday Sees Firmware Updates For Surface, Surface 2 And Surface Pro
It is that time of the month again, where every second Tuesday of each month equals to Patch Tuesday for those who are running a Windows-powered device. Whenever you check out the settings on your PC, you will most probably come across details such as security updates for Internet Explorer in addition to firmware updates for your Surface devices, and the firmware updates for the most recent Patch Tuesday would […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Receives Another $100 Price Cut
Microsoft’s Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 were released across 21 countries just a few days ago, which means those who have been wanting to buy a Surface Pro at a discounted price can start heading to the Microsoft Store as the company has just announced the last-generation tablet has received some price cuts. 

Microsoft Surface Pro $100 Limited-Time Price Cut Now Permanent
Microsoft has been going absolutely insane with the amount of discounts they’ve been offering to potential Surface RT  and Surface Pro customers. We saw the Surface RT get its price cut by $150 in July, and the Surface Pro’s price was cut down by $100 for a limited time. It appears the limited-time $100 discount on the Surface Pro will no longer be the case as Microsoft is announcing the price […]

Surface Pro Workstation Setup Boasts A Quartet Of Monitors
Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market the second time around (remember the tablet PC that did not take off all those years ago?) is not exactly a happy experience, as both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro has yet to achieve the kind of crazy sales figures which would make an Apple executive proud. Still, this does not mean that Microsoft has given up the good fight, having rolled […]

Surface RT And Surface Pro Get Firmware Updates
Just last month, Microsoft introduced a new firmware update for their Surface RT tablet which admittedly, has not fared as well as expected in the market. Well, I guess Microsoft has been in such a situation before with their original Xbox console that didn’t make much headway, if any, in Japan, but they persevered and the Xbox 360 did a whole lot better in comparison after that. Here we are […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Cut By $100
Last month rumors were circulating that Microsoft would be slashing the prices of its Surface RT tablets. Indeed it did, a couple of weeks ago the company announced that Surface RT prices were being cut by as much as 30 percent all around the globe. At that time there was no indication that the Surface Pro tablet would also see a price cut. The Verge now reports that Microsoft has […]

Microsoft Surface Pro With 256GB Goes On Sale In U.S.
The 256GB version of the Microsoft Surface Pro is now available for purchase in the U.S.

Microsoft Surface Tablets To Be Available From New Authorized Resellers
Microsoft announced that Surface RT and Surface Pro tables will now be available at new authorized resellers in the U.S. The company will also be authorizing new resellers in other countries over the next few months.

Microsoft Surface RT And Surface Pro Firmware Update Arrives
The Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets have just received another firmware update.

Microsoft Surface Pro Debuts In Japan With 256GB HD, New Covers
Microsoft unveiled a 256GB version of its Surface Pro as well as exclusive covers in Japan.

Microsoft Surface RT / Pro Receive Wi-Fi Related Updates
The Microsoft Surface has had a rough start as it’s still pretty difficult for people who want a tablet to actually get their hands on one, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from rolling out regular updates to both the Surface RT and Surface Pro.A new update rolled out today almost squarely focuses on both devices’ Wi-Fi connections, with a large amount of Wi-Fi-related fixes aimed at the Surface RT. Here […]

Microsoft Releases New Software Update For Surface Tablets
Microsoft has released a new firmware update for its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets. The updates come as part of Patch Tuesday, a tradition that started with Windows 98, it is the second Tuesday of each month on which Microsoft regularly releases software updates. The latest update resolves a number of issues, including one related to the Wi-Fi driver on Surface tablets.In the past few months, Surface RT users […]

Microsoft Under Fire In China Over Surface Pro Warranty
A while back we reported that some customers in China had taken offense at Apple’s warranty policy after the Chinese media revealed that Chinese consumers were not receiving the same treatment as their American counterparts. Apple has since apologized, although it looks like Microsoft is now under fire for doing the same thing with its Surface Pro tablet. According to Bloomberg, they reporting that the China National Radio has highlighted […]

Microsoft Reportedly Sold 1.5 Million Surface Tablets To Date
While Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets are certainly pretty devices with a ton of potential, there were several flaws to either device, price being one of them and battery life being the other. That being said Microsoft has been pretty quiet on how many Surface tablets they have sold to date, but thanks to inside sources (via Bloomberg), those numbers have been revealed. According to the source, a […]

Surface Pro Clone Caught At CeBIT
[CeBIT 2013] The Microsoft Surface Pro has been available for nearly a month in the U.S. and has steadily been making itself available again through Microsoft’s brick & mortar and online stores. Microsoft announced today the Surface Pro is heading to Germany during this year’s CeBIT, but it looks like clones of the company’s popular tablet has made its way to the show.The Surface Pro clone looks an awful lot like […]