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SwiftKey For iOS Now Predicts Emojis
SwiftKey is a very powerful third party keyboard app that’s available on both Android and iOS. The app has been available on the former for a considerably longer period of time which is why that version has more features. Gradually more features are being added to the iOS counterpart. Through the latest update SwiftKey has added the ability to predict emojis in its app for iPhone and iPad.

OnePlus Adopts SwiftKey
OnePlus has been in the news quite a lot recently. If not for its troubles with Cyanogen then for the 2015 flagship killer that we’re all waiting for. The company today announced on its blog that it has collaborated with SwiftKey to integrate its popular custom keyboard right in the CyanogenMod 11S build for OnePlus One. This is the software build for OnePlus One that’s based on Android 4.4 KitKat.

SwiftKey For Android Now Has Full Chinese Language Support
Makers of the SwiftKey custom keyboard for Android have been conducting a beta test with Chinese-speaking users for quite some time now. Today they announced that SwiftKey for Android now has full support for the Chinese language. There are seven new input methods that ensures users have a choice no matter how they like to type.

SwiftKey Branded Keyboard Themes Now Available
It was approximately half a year ago that SwiftKey decided to open up a special store that would offer users with the option of picking up premium custom keyboard themes. This is a generally good idea, since people like to enjoy something that they can call their own, being different from the rest of the crowd. Having said that, the premium store has now expanded so that it will be […]


SwiftKey For iOS Hits 1 Million Downloads In 24 Hours
With iOS 8, iOS users can finally get the option of installing third-party keyboards on their devices. While this is a welcome feature, is it one that many iOS users have been pining for? Well according to the number of SwiftKey downloads in 24 hours, it would certainly seem to be the case.SwiftKey’s keyboard was released alongside iOS 8 and according to the folks at SwiftKey, it seems that they […]

SwiftKey For iOS Will Launch Alongside iOS 8 Next Week
There are many things about iOS 8 that are worth getting excited about, and if you’re an Android user looking to make the switch, the addition of custom keyboards is probably a feature you’re looking forward to. Custom keyboards and third-party keyboards have long been a staple of the Android platform.However it was only with iOS 8 that Apple finally introduced that feature to iOS. The good news is that […]

SwiftKey User Base Jumps 54% Since It Went Free
If there’s one thing to love about Android is the fact that they allow users to swap out the platform’s default keyboard for a third-party alternative. Some users do this because third-party keyboards allow for more customization in terms of features and colors, while others might prefer it for its accuracy or predictability.SwiftKey is probably one of the more famous Android third-party keyboards around and back in June, the developers […]

SwiftKey Keyboard For Android Goes Free
If you’re familiar with Android keyboards, then you’re probably aware that SwiftKey is one of the more popular options available at the moment. However the app is a paid one, meaning that users had to pay to download it and use it with their Android devices. Well the good news is that SwiftKey has recently announced that they will be making their keyboard free from now onwards.It is unclear why […]

SwiftKey For Nokia X Will Be Available Free Of Charge
The Google Play Store is full of custom Android keyboards but only few are as well known as SwiftKey, which bills itself as the “world’s smartest predictive keyboard.” This premium keyboard, which costs $3.99 on the Play Store, is certainly a popular choice with Android users. Those who switch to Nokia’s new Android phones will fortunately be getting SwiftKey for free.

SwiftKey Note App May Bring Popular Android Keyboard To iOS Devices
Android users have a plethora of options available to them if they don’t feel like using the stock keyboard that’s baked into the OS. The SwiftKey keyboard happens to be one of the most popular third-party keyboards for Android, offering features like Flow, which lets users punch in words by simply sliding their fingers across the keyboard. It appears that the popular keyboard might come over to iOS as well, […]

SwiftKey 4.3 Layouts For Living Upgrade Released
A few weeks ago SwiftKey’s “Layouts for Living” upgraded entered beta testing. The upgrade aims to make typing easier for users who have devices with varying screen sizes thus allowing them to type quickly and comfortably on any device and in any context. The new SwiftKey version brings three keyboard layouts, Compact, Full and Thumb. All of them can be undocked, resized and positioned on the screen, where the user wants to […]

SwiftKey Optimistic It Will Make Its Way To iOS 7
Apple is expected to unveil iOS 7 next week, and SwiftKey is optimistic they will allow third-party keyboards on iOS.

SwiftKey 4.1 Update Brings Three New Themes
There’s certainly no shortage of virtual keyboards for Android devices, but SwiftKey has proven to hold its own ground in this particular niche. SwiftKey 3 actually became the top paid app on Google Play last year. Today version 4.1 of this keyboard has been released. This update brings three new themes, Pitch (black), Dusk (navy-blue) and Regal (purple). That’s not all, the price of SwiftKey 4.1 for Android tablets and smartphones […]

SwiftKey Will Be The Samsung Galaxy S4's Keyboard Of Choice
Unlike iOS, Android comes with a host of keyboards to choose from should you not like the stock Android keyboard. SwiftKey is one of them and if you have been enjoying the keyboard on your previous Android devices, you might be pleased to learn that SwiftKey will be the default keyboard of choice on Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S4! This was confirmed by SwiftKey’s co-founder and CTO, Ben Medlock who […]