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SwiftKey Bug Accidentally Leaks Its Users’ Personal Information
One of the key features that SwiftKey has going for it would be its text prediction, which for the most part does a pretty decent job. However it seems that recently some users have discovered that SwiftKey has been offering text predictions that are completely unrelated to them, and are actually the predictions belonging to other users.

SwiftKey Launches Emoji-Predicting Swiftmoji Keyboard
SwiftKey’s keyboard app for iOS and Android does a decent job at predicting what text we want next. However not just content with predicting text, it seems that SwiftKey’s next efforts is to predict emojis, but instead of updating its keyboard app with the feature, the company has decided to launch a separate all-new keyboard app called Swiftmoji.

SwiftKey Releases ShakeSpeak, Lets You Type Like Shakespeare
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to write in old English similar to the style of the great bard, William Shakespeare? If you have been wondering, you might be interested to learn that the folks at SwiftKey have recently released an app called ShakeSpeak. This is similar to SwiftKey’s predictive keyboard, except that it will let you type in old English and sound mighty […]

Microsoft’s Acquisition Of SwiftKey Has Been Officially Completed
Earlier last month it was reported that Microsoft had plans to acquire keyboard app maker SwiftKey. About a month later, it looks like there weren’t any issues with the company’s acquisition because according to a recent tweet by Microsoft’s Harry Shum, it seems that the acquisition has since been completed.


Microsoft Confirms Acquisition Of SwiftKey
Yesterday there was a report that indicated that Microsoft would be acquiring keyboard app maker SwiftKey. Turns out the rumors were spot on because both Microsoft and SwiftKey have since announced and confirmed the acquisition. The good news is that Microsoft will continue to develop both the iOS and Android versions of the app.

Microsoft To Acquire SwiftKey For $250 Million [Rumor]
While Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform isn’t nearly quite as ubiquitous as they’d like it to be, the platform does have its fair share of strengths. One of those strengths would be in its virtual keyboard, which last we heard could be making its way onto iOS. However it seems that Microsoft is also interested in other keyboards, namely SwiftKey.

SwiftKey Releases Keyboard For Non-Verbal Individuals
SwiftKey today released a new keyboard called SwiftKey Symbols, it’s described as a “symbol-based assistive communication app” that’s primarily targeted at non-verbal individuals, the differently-abled who have difficulty communicating verbally. The idea for this keyboard came from a small team of SwiftKey staff who have some experience with autism in their families, they came up with the idea to develop an assistive app that’s powered by SwiftKey’s core language prediction technology.

SwiftKey Neural Alpha Is The World’s First Neural Network Keyboard
If you’re the sort that loves text predictions, then chances are you might have chosen keyboards like SwiftKey to be your keyboard of choice on your mobile device. If you thought that SwiftKey’s default method of predictions were good, you might be even more impressed as the company has recently announced the SwiftKey Neural Alpha keyboard.What is this keyboard and what makes it so special? According to SwiftKey, the Neural […]

SwiftKey Shows Off US Emoji Map
Emojis have taken over popular culture for quite some time now, and it happens to be a natural extension of smileys. In fact, we have heard on the grapevine that there will even be an emoji movie in the pipeline, which goes to show how pervasive it is already. Since the US is the center of the world (as many would believe, but surely we can all poke a little […]

Samsung’s Keyboard Vulnerability Does Not Affect SwiftKey Users
As you might have heard, a report from yesterday revealed that there was a vulnerability in Samsung’s Swift keyboard that hackers could potentially exploit, thus allowing them to eavesdrop on your calls, messages, make changes to the way your app runs, and a lot more nasty stuff.Now for those who are unfamiliar, SwiftKey’s technology is used to help power Samsung’s Swift keyboard and for those who have arrived at the […]

SwiftKey Launches Theme Store For iOS Users
Thanks to iOS 8, iOS users are finally able to add third-party keyboards to the operating system, which in turn opens the door to popular keyboard apps such as SwiftKey. Now the good news is that if you’re a fan of customization, you might be pleased to learn that SwiftKey has announced that they have launched a theme store for the keyboard app.Basically what this does is that it lets […]

SwiftKey’s Clarity Keyboard Aims To Be Smarter Than Its Predecessors
Autocorrect on smartphones usually deals with correcting typos as opposed to grammatical mistakes. This is probably because everyone types/talks differently and trying to correct everyone to the proper grammar might prove to be a monumental task. However it seems that this is something that SwiftKey wants to take on in their latest Clarity keyboard.The Clarity keyboard is past of SwiftKey’s “Greenhouse” endeavor which is basically an experimental arm of the […]

SwiftKey Beta Comes With Revamped Settings And Content Menu
Keyboards are essential for smartphones and with the presence of various types of keyboards available for each operating system, users want more accessibility and ease of functioning with them. SwiftKey has identified those user desires in its beta version and is trying to make its app settings easier for the users. The app now includes revamped setting and content menu, and the latest menu also got a fancy name, it […]

SwiftKey & Dashlane Partner Up For Automatic Password Input
When it comes to third-party keyboard apps out there, SwiftKey is probably one of the more well-known ones at the moment, and it looks like the company could be partnering up with Dashlane where it would gain an important new feature, which is to automatically input passwords on your mobile device.Right now trying to insert passwords into apps or websites can be a pain as the onscreen keys can sometimes […]