Windows 7 has proved to be a pretty solid operating system so far, but that does not mean Microsoft is going to rest on their laurels. Well, we do know that the Redmond, Washington-based company is working on Windows 8, and with that, do expect plenty of bells and whistles to accompany it. Other companies will also be looking forward to see what Windows 8 appear would be Synaptics, as they have something up their sleeves for Windows 8 users down the road as well. The ongoing Microsoft Ecosystem Summit in Taipei will see Synaptics demonstrate their latest Series 7 ClearPad and ClickPad solutions. This makes plenty of sense since Synaptics is one of three official co-engineering partners for the touch interface in Windows 8.


Recently, the Synaptics ClearPad Series 7 picked up a perfect score on Microsoft’s official qualification scorecard for both x86 (HID-USB) and ARM (HID-I2C) based implementations, so if you are headed towards the Microsoft Ecosystem Summit today or tomorrow, then do check out the private suite where Synaptics will be holding a demonstration of its Series 7 high performance capacitive touch solution which will support both 10.1″ and 11.6″ touchscreens in “clamshell” notebook and slate form factors.

Not only that, Synaptics will also preview a Windows 8 Multi-Touch ClickPad that leverages the InterTouch high speed interface, where it will offer a compelling end user experience. Are you stoked up about Windows 8 already? [Press Release]

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