Google Chrome Now Offers Extensions And Bookmark Sync

Google has raised the stakes in the browser wars again, and this time, it has announced a new stable release of the Chrome browser (for Windows) which includes extensions and bookmark sync. One of the major features of Firefox is that you can add on almost any functionality to it via extensions, which are little add-ons to it, and Chrome now sports a similar feature. Aside from that, the highly-requested bookmark sync is now in place, so if you use multiple computers, keeping your bookmarks synced is now easier than ever. Add a new bookmark on your office computer, and it’ll be synced to your home computer. If you’re running Linux, the extensions feature are enabled in the beta channel, and unfortunately those who are on Mac will have to wait a while more, though Google is busy working on it. It’s really great to see browsers making good progress, and offering us good alternatives to Internet Explorer, especially with the recent events in China being partially blamed on Internet Explorer, though it’s hard to confirm if that’s really the case.

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