DoubleTwist PlayerIf you’ve always wondered what the big fuss about AirPlay was but you didn’t want to buy an iPhone or an iPad because you’ve already got an Android device that works perfectly, you’re in luck. The folks over at DoubleTwist have released a new version of its app that brings AirPlay support over to Android devices.

In case you’re clueless about what DoubleTwist is, it is a program that describes itself as “iTunes for Android”. It basically provides you with an interface that allows you to easily manage your content on your Android device with a computer. If dragging and dropping files off and on the SD card has never been your thing or you’ve moved from an iPhone to an Android one, you’ll probably appreciate it.

Besides emulating the iTunes experience for Android, it’s taking things further by introducing new features to the program. It has just released an update that lets Android phone users stream media to an Apple TV and to computers using Windows Media Player 12. Who says you need an iOS device to make full use of Apple TV now?

All users need to do is run the DoubleTwist app on their phones, and select the “Twist To” option and look for an active Apple TV device in the room, viola! AirPlay capabilities. There’s no word if Apple will be taking action against DoubleTwist but don’t be surprised if it happens, either in the form of a lawsuit or an upgrade for Apple TV to prevent such things from happening. DoubleTwist is free for download, but if you’d like the Twist To feature, be prepared to fork out $4.99 to upgrade the app.

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