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Acer Confirms 10-Inch Iconia A3 Tablet Will Debut This Summer
We recently got our hands on the Acer Iconia A1, which is the company’s upcoming Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean tablet which has yet to be released, and we’re already hearing about its next Android tablet, the Iconia A3.The news comes from Acer’s senior vice president Scott Lin as he recently confirmed a new 10-inch tablet will be arriving this summer, which will be known as the Iconia A3. Lin didn’t […]

Google Play Tablet Optimized Screenshots Coming Your Way
So you are a true blue Android fan, but as we all know, since honesty is the best policy, there must have been moments in your life when you downloaded apps onto your Android-powered tablet only to realize that said app looked a whole lot better on the screen of a smartphone, for the simple fact that the app has yet to be optimized by the developer for tablet use. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review
A few weeks ago at MWC, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, a device that features its famous S Pen alongside unique features such as Multi Window and AirView.Basically the 8-inch form factor featuring the S Pen is what the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 brings to the table in the Samsung tablet lineup. Except for the size, the device gets a similar product design to the Galaxy Note 2 […]

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Could Be Real
Nokia has vehemently denied that they have a Windows 8 powered tablet in the pipeline, although developers do seem to work against Nokia’s favor as they on the other hand, keep on leaking it, so we as consumers remain up in arms. Is Nokia going to churn out a Windows 8 tablet for the masses, or are they not going to do so? The latest development on a potential Windows […]


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet Hands-On (+Video)
[MWC 2013] After nearly one month of leaks and rumors, Samsung made the Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet official at Mobile World Congress and I had the opportunity to briefly try a global pre-production unit at the show. Basically it looks like a large Galaxy Note 2 and the key features are pretty similar with a few enhancements here and there. At the briefing, Samsung confirmed that it sports the same […]

Analyst: Nokia Tablet Won't Debut At MWC 2013
A few days ago, we saw a possible leak of a new Nokia tablet at an event the company held in Pakistan which we expected would be revealed at MWC, if such a device even exists. According to market research firm Strategy Anallytics, we could be wrong in thinking MWC would be the place for Nokia to debut their tablet.In a blog post published earlier today, Strategy Analytics believes Nokia […]

Nokia 7-Inch Tablet Image Possibly Leaked At Pakistan Event
We’ve been hearing rumors of a Nokia tablet for several months now, but this latest slip up may have accidentally unveiled the device prior to its expected reveal during MWC later this month.The leak occurred during a Pakistan Nokia event where the onstage screen briefly showed a tablet device that looked to be in the 7-inch range, next to a Nokia 620 and a monitor, all of which running their […]

Nokia Tablet Hinted By Stephen Elop
The Nokia tablet is as elusive as say, a unicorn, although you can be quite sure that it would be a whole lot more plausible for a Nokia tablet to be introduced to the market in the days and months ahead compared to spotting a unicorn trotting in your backyard, or in any of our national forest reserves, for that matter. In fact, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has shared in […]

Acer Has Plans For Budget Tablets
At the recently concluded CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, we did hear that Acer announced their Iconia B1 Android tablet which you can see on the right. The thing is, the Iconia B1 did not really come with the kind of hardware specifications that would make it a serious contender in the small form factor tablet market, but then again we could not complain too much with a $150 […]

Geanee Android Tablet Is Waterproof
Japan tends to get the kind of devices that other countries do not, and that is partly due to the unique networks that they have there which remain exclusive to their own geographical location, and sometimes, it is just that other markets are not quite ready for different kinds of devices. Case in point, the Geanee tablet that you see above. Basically, this Geanee tablet is an Android-powered device that […]

Kite Tablet Taking Pre-Orders Now
Italian electronics manufacturer DaVinci Mobile Technology has begun to accept pre-orders for their Kite tablet which is of the Full HD variety, so you can be sure to receive eyeball popping images with everyday use. It is rather something to see an European produced tablet compared to American and South Korean designed ones, as the Kite tablet will come with a 10.1-inch IPS display at 1,920 x 1,200 resolution, complete […]

RCA Mobile TV Tablet Combines An Android Device With TV Watching
[CES 2013] Seeing how many cable companies have made it possible to stream video content onto tablets, it’s not surprising to see a company known for manufacturing TVs to dip into the tablet market with their own Android / TV hybrid device to be shown at CES. And that’s exactly what RCA is doing with its newly-announced RCA Mobile TV tablet.The RCA Mobile TV tablet is a combination Android tablet and […]

Polaroid Kids Tablet Coming Your Way
So, we have heard that Polaroid looks set to open up retail stores later this year, and one thing’s for sure – these brick-and-mortar stores are definitely going to have their fair share of hardware on parade. In fact, the famous photography company is about to jump aboard the Android-powered bandwagon with a 7” tablet in the works. Adults would want to steer clear of this $149.99 tablet though, as […]

Woman Sued For Negative Yelp Review Won't Have To Edit A Thing
We wrote to you last month about a negative review on Yelp that ended in court. The defendant is a woman from Virginia named Jane Perez who took to Yelp, and also on Angie’s List, to express her disappointment with Dietz Development’s service. Perez says that Dietz workmen damaged her house and also stole her jewelry. Dietz owner Christopher Dietz accused Perez of Internet defamation, saying that the allegations were not […]