The Nokia tablet is as elusive as say, a unicorn, although you can be quite sure that it would be a whole lot more plausible for a Nokia tablet to be introduced to the market in the days and months ahead compared to spotting a unicorn trotting in your backyard, or in any of our national forest reserves, for that matter. In fact, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has shared in an interview with the Australian Financial Review, on the possibility of a Nokia tablet as shared below.

We haven’t announced tablets at this point, but it is something we are clearly looking at very closely. We are studying very closely the market right now as Microsoft has introduced the Surface tablet, so we are trying to learn from that and understand what the right way to participate would be and at what point in time.

Do you think that Nokia’s tablet, if it was released in due time, will run on just purely the Windows Phone 8 operating system? Elop was quoted as saying, “We would consider any option [Android or Windows].” Assuming that there is an Android-powered tablet in the pipeline from Nokia, the floodgates for rumors concerning Android-powered smartphones, would not be too far off in the horizon for sure.

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