Smartphone and tablet gamers by now should have gotten used to touchscreen controls, although we completely forgive you if you accidentally hit another on-screen button when you meant to hit something else. As much as we would like to think touchscreen controls are good enough when gaming, there’s nothing like the feel of a controller in your hand as you perform a number of moves in-game with little to no effort.

Sure, there are touchscreen controllers currently in the market, but the SteelSeries Free Touchscreen Gaming Controls are the first we’ve seen where you can customize them along with the onscreen buttons, which many games these days offer.

For $19.99, you’ll receive a joystick and three buttons, all of which are reusable as they have micro suction cup technology. They even come with their own carrying case, which we’re sure will also help in not losing the joystick and buttons.

When you consider how much more enjoyable your gaming experience will be if you can actually feel the buttons you’re pressing, $20 is a bargain. Plus, it’s got a carrying case which hopefully will make it hard for you to lose.

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