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Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear 2.0 Update Arrives Soon
Luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer emerged on the smartwatch scene last year with the Tag Heuer Connected. The idea was to provide a robust smartwatch that was backed by the quality and manufacturing standards that people expect from a Swiss watchmaker like Tag Heuer. While a successor to the original Connected smartwatch is going to be released soon, the company has confirmed today that the Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear […]

New Tag Heuer Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch Teased
Tag Heuer confirmed several weeks back that it’s going to release the successor to its first Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear smartwatch this year. The company is expected to unveil this new smartwatch in the very near future. Not much is known about the new Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch except that it’s going to be powered by Android Wear 2.0. The company has now started teasing the new product on […]

Tag Heuer Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch Arrives In May
Tag Heuer is a very well known Swiss watch manufacturer and while it’s widely known for its mechanical watches, the company has also jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon. It appears to have received a good response for its first Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear smartwatch and later this year it’s going to come out with a new one. Tag Heuer chief Jean-Claude Biver has confirmed that the company is going […]

Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch Available In Rose Gold For $9,900
There are a plethora of Android Wear-powered smartwatches that you can choose from but there’s only really one company that sells one of the most expensive Android Wear smartwatches. Tag Heuer launched its Connected smartwatch some time back, it sells for $1,500 but if you’re not content with spending that kind of money perhaps you would like to spend $9,900 on the rose gold model of the same smartwatch.


Tag Heuer Will Let You Trade-In Its Smartwatch For A Real Watch
Tag Heuer is the first major Swiss luxury watchmaker to release its own smartwatch. It has partnered with Intel and Google on the Tag Heuer Connected, which was formally announced earlier today, at $1,500 this is the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch on the market and most likely will be for quite some time. The difference between a smartwatch and a “real” watch, particularly an expensive one, is that the latter […]

Tag Heuer Connected Is The First Luxury Android Wear Smartwatch
We have been hearing for a while now that Tag Heuer is working on an Android Wear-powered smartwatch, it’s actually the only major Swiss watchmaker that has jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon for now, and it hopes that this rather pricey piece of technology is enough to convince people that they need to spend $1,500 on a smartwatch when other Android Wear smartwatches in the market cost less than $400.