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Apple changes return App Store return policy in Taiwan
After being threatened with a fine by the Taiwanese government for not having a 7-day return policy, it looks like Apple has given in to the authorities. It has been reported that the Apple App Store for Taiwan has changed its return policy from not having one to 7 days. Apparently the lack of a return policy goes against the country’s Consumer Protection Act. The government is trying to prevent […]

moJo iCuisine Uses Table As Interactive Menu
We’ve heard of restaurants where they present a computer next to your table where through either a mouse or touch screen you can browse the menu and place your order without having to even talk to a waiter/waitress, the downside is that while you’re browsing and thinking of what to order, your dinner companion will have to wait for their turn.

ITRI's gadget turn any TV into a touchscreen display
The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan has recently come up with a new gadget that could possibly give touchscreen manufacturers a run for their money. They’ve managed to come up with a special device that can turn any TV (no matter what size it is) into a touchscreen device. Imagine buying a 55″ touchscreen display – the price tag isn’t going to be very pretty. However, this device […]

Sushi restaurant provides Geiger counter for peace of mind
What would you expect to get when you step foot into a Japanese restaurant? Some of us would think of chopsticks and porcelain bowls, but this sushi restaurant in Taiwan is offering a handheld Geiger counter (a device which can detect levels of radiation), letting diners inspect their food for any radioactivity before they dip it with a dash of wasabi. The restaurant in Taipei decided to go ahead with […]


HTC's next Android flagship phone pictured in Taiwan
Looks like we don’t always have to wait until Mobile World Congress 2011 in order to get a glance at the latest phones. We previously caught wind of a button-less HTC phone and now it appears that the phone has been caught in the wild, courtesy of Mr. Blurrycam again. The picture was apparently taken over in Taipei and while it doesn’t offer much information, we do know that it’ll […]

iPad mini spotted online?
Rumors of a smaller iPad have been going around for a while now and while it doesn’t seem like Apple will be offering such a tablet anytime soon, a Taiwan celebrity and race driver, Jimmy Lin, has drawn attention to himself by showing a smaller iPad, pictured side by side with the full-sized iPad that we know and love. Of course, the picture isn’t clear enough to guess if it’s […]

Asus Eee 1.8-inch USB Hard Drive Available In Taiwan
A while back Asus was busy coming up with all sorts of Eee-branded accessories when its Eee PCs were dominating the netbook scene, though the practice seems to have died down now. That being said, it seems that Asus still sees fit to offer a USB hard drive with the Eee branding on it, which is a tiny 30GB 1.8-inch USB hard drive, priced at $31 from Asus. Granted 30GB […]

Apple Mac Mini Price Mix Up In Taiwan
The folks over at Digitimes are reporting that Apple’s Taiwan online store made a slight boo boo with its Mac mini pricing, listing the Mac mini with 8GB RAM at NT$19,900 ($619), which is a huge drop from the original NT$47,000 ($1,464). Such a juicy deal attracted quite a few orders, which is good news, but apparently Apple changed the orders back to the original price of NT$47,000, which obviously […]

Have A Meal At The Windows 7 Restaurant
Looks like Microsoft must have been quite satisfied with its Windows 7 Whopper deal a while back, as the software giant has opened a Windows 7-themed restaurant dubbed Hot Fried 77, and for the next two months, Microsoft is working with the 100 Seafood Restaurant to introduce a special Windows 7 menu. The deal means that each dish is going for $77 Taiwan Dollars ($2.50), with Windows 7 beer on […]

Acer to introduce first Chrome OS at Computex 2010
Acer is set to be the first company to offer Google’s Chrome OS at Computex 2010 in Taipei on June 1st, but there has been no confirmation on whether said device will come in the form of a netbook, smartbook or perhaps, even a tablet. Are you looking forward to a Chrome OS device? After all, Google was supposed to have rolled out the Chrome OS this year, so it […]

Shuttle To Unveil Its J3 Small Form Factor PC At Computex
Small form factor (SFF) computers don’t have to be weak, and Shuttle is planning to unveil its highly-anticipated Shuttle J3 SFF PC in Taiwan during the upcoming Computex 2010 in Taipei. If you needed a reason to buy this computer, you only need to go through its specifications, which include a 3.33GHz Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition hexa-core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 graphics card.

Fujitsu LifeBook MH330 Netbook Spotted In Taiwan
While most folks weren’t sure when the recently announced Fujitsu MH330 would be released, it looks like it shouldn’t be long before you see it sitting on retail shelves near you, as the netbook is already on display in Taiwan, as pictured above. Are you planning to make this your next netbook to tote around when you’re looking for a presentation? Specifications of the Fujitsu LifeBook MH330 include:

Taiwan taxis to get WiMAX connection
The next time you step foot in Taiwan, you might want to check out any of the 1,000 taxis that offer free Internet services thanks to a groundbreaking application of WiMAX technology. VMAX Telecom Co. will roll out this Internet service officially from March 9th onwards, and while it is free at the moment, an assessment will be made as whether to change that policy later on for an undisclosed […]