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Hybrid US Army tank revealed
The US Army is definitely the place to be if you are interested in seeing future forward technology in action – today. After over four years of painstaking work and research, the design as well as some specifications for the US Army’s hybrid-electric tank has been unveiled, and it does look rather handsome, don’t you think so? I know, tanks are supposed to roll over just about anything and everything, […]

Infra-red invisibility cloak for tanks
Hiding something as large as a tank on the battlefield can be quite a challenge, and gone are the days when you stick some branches here and there over the tank in a jungle setting – perhaps with the introduction of an infra-red invisibility cloaking device, tanks can remain “hidden” from radars as their infra-red signature are masked. Known as Adaptiv technology from BAE Systems, it will enable not only […]

DIY Android-powered tank
You know that the Android operating system has got a good thing going for it, what with a gazillion tablets running on Google’s mobile OS. Well, there is more to it than meets the eye, with this Android-powered robot tank. Tamlyn is the device’s creator, where the only things you need would be an Android smartphone (obviously) as well as an IOIO board which will hook up the phone to […]

Mayor of Vilnius uses a tank to crush illegally parked cars
If you’re in charge of a country that has a major issue with following the road rules, especially when it comes to parking what do you do? Issue tickets that people can just pay off and continue breaking the law? Well, if you want to take things up a notch, you can always give the public a demonstration to remember – and that’s what the mayor of Vilnius, capital city […]


Aquarium that’s powered by your computer
If you’re a fan of fish and technology, the USB-powered aquarium might be right up your alley. Brando is now selling this aquarium that is designed to be next to your computer (unless you own one of those fancy wall USB sockets). The USB Aquarium with Alarm Clock & Thermometer is a regular, fully-functional aquarium with one exception: it draws power from a USB port. Load it up with water, […]

Cycle and filter water with the CycloClean
The folks over at Nippon Basic have come up with a way to obtain drinking water with the use of a specially designed bicycle. Called CycloClean, this bicycle comes with a water tank that allows users to store water that they collect from any water sources they find. The bike can then be parked, and through the power of cycling, the water can be churned through a filter to make […]

Wheelchair-tank banned from the streets
Having to be in a wheelchair due to arthritis isn’t fun, but it probably gets worse when the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency tells you that your wheelchair isn’t allowed on British roads anymore – since it has been classed as a tank. You’d normally think of a wheelchair as something meek and boring, but the wheelchair pictured above is anything but that, measuring in at 107cm wide and 220kg […]

The TankBot looks nothing like a tank
MyDeskPets has just announced that they will be selling a new iOS-controlled robot toy. Called the TankBot, this robot comes with a pair of tank treads that allow it to move over any sort of terrain. It contains infrared sensors that can detect its surroundings which will enable it to move through mazes and even detect hand movements. The robot can also be easily controlled with an iOS app (it […]

LaCie Tank hard drive enclosure looks mean enough
Mention LaCie and you know that you won’t have much problems when it comes to protecting your external hard drives, as the company’s latest product known as the Tank is not only robust, rugged and waterproof, it can also hold other items apart from your external hard drive – we’re talking about a Nintendo DSi, important jewelry, or other kinds of valuables thanks to the internal foam cubes that can […]

DIY Mini Tank Can Track Its Targets Based On Color
How often do you see folks who come up with DIY tanks that have an Airsoft M4 carbine gun attached to it? That’s the tank you see pictured above, and it’s fully capable of tracking and shooting targets based upon the color of objects. It can be controlled wirelessly, and has a rather powerful engine that’s capable of pulling about 4 adults behind it. The gun can be controlled manually […]