USB Aquarium with Alarm Clock & ThermometerIf you’re a fan of fish and technology, the USB-powered aquarium might be right up your alley. Brando is now selling this aquarium that is designed to be next to your computer (unless you own one of those fancy wall USB sockets). The USB Aquarium with Alarm Clock & Thermometer is a regular, fully-functional aquarium with one exception: it draws power from a USB port. Load it up with water, pebbles, fake castles, and whatever you want your fish to live in, and plug it into your computer. No, you won’t get advanced stats or readings, but you do get an alarm clock, a reading of the date, temperature and a sight for sore eyes during those long nights in front of the desktop. The USB Aquarium with Alarm Clock & Thermometer can be purchased here for $40.00. Just make sure you don’t shut down your computer if you have this tank connected to it.

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