CycloClean water purifying bike

The folks over at Nippon Basic have come up with a way to obtain drinking water with the use of a specially designed bicycle. Called CycloClean, this bicycle comes with a water tank that allows users to store water that they collect from any water sources they find. The bike can then be parked, and through the power of cycling, the water can be churned through a filter to make it drinkable. It is capable of filtering 3 tons of water in 10 hours – so with a team of cyclists working together, clean water shouldn’t be difficult to obtain in the future. Talk about ingenious! The CycloClean is going to be a hit in areas where safe drinking water doesn’t come easily and bicycles are used as the main mode of transportation. The bikes don’t come cheap though, at $6,650 each, not everybody can have one. But the benefits the bike could bring in the long run could justify its price. What do you think?

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