TaxisAs part of a new advertising campaign by Vodafone, over 500 branded taxis are going to be equipped with mobile phone chargers. This means that folks on the go now have another source of power to charge their batteries just in case they’ll be out for the whole day. In addition to being able to charge their devices, taxi customers will also be able to pay for their fares in these taxis using a text message if they are Vodafone subscribers.

This service makes life so much more convenient for people who don’t like to carry a lot of cash around with them, not to mention, taxi drivers won’t have to deal with customers running away from paying the far after they stop to let them out at the ATM. Whether or not this move will encourage more users to pick up a Vodafone subscription is another question. Would you like the option to pay for your cab by sending a text message from your phone?

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