NFC poster There are a whole load of uses for NFC technology, with the most common use being for making digital payments. Well it appears that the folks over in Taiwan Taxi have bigger plans for the technology. Together with Nokia, Taiwan Taxi created the world’s first NFC taxi booking service. By using a NFC-enabled device, users can book a cab by just placing the device next to specially made posters littered around Taiwan.

Through the NFC-enabled poster, the user’s phone gets the necessary information to make a taxi booking and automatically sends it out to Taiwan Taxi in the form of a text message. A text message confirming the booking and the assignment number is then sent back to the user, which presents it to the cab driver to verify the fare.

Talk about fast and efficient! This is also great for foreigners who have no idea where they are and want to call for a cab – they can just use NFC to get a taxi sent to them. These special posters will be placed in over 15,000 different stores in Taiwan, making it possible to use this technology in popular locations. No word when this technology will be rolled out to the rest of the world but we can’t wait.

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