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Amazon Kindle Fire is easy to fix
I guess in another alternate timeline, the folks over at iFixit will most probably make up one of the most efficient pit crew in racing – after all, they certainly did not lose any time to take the Kindle Fire apart so soon after it was released. One day, in fact, was all it took, leaving the innards of the Kindle Fire to be seen by all and sundry. I […]

HP Pre 3 gets a teardown at the FCC
Before you question the death of the HP Pre 3 – yes, the phone has been officially killed. Someone didn’t give the folks at the FCC a memo about the phone or they just felt like inspecting it anyway. Regardless, HP’s flagship webOS a nice teardown and photographs of its innards have been released online. So while we may never get to hold a Pre 3 in our hands, or […]

Asus Zenbook UX21 torn apart
We did preview the Zenbook UX21 and Zenbook UX31 from Asus nearly a fortnight ago, and the good people over at Anandtech have taken the former to strip it apart, down to its bare essentials. This 11″ Zenbook is somewhat similar to the MacBook Air when it comes to the dismantling process, sporting 10 screws around the perimeter of the bottom panel. You will need to remove the Torx screws […]

HP Pre 3 teardown
While it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing the HP Pre 3 on sale anymore, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a look at it too see what makes it tick. The folks over at webOS Internals managed to gettheir hands on a Pre 3 unit and disassembled it, showing off the difference between the AT&T HP Pre 3 and the European HP Pre 3.Overall, besides the radios and […]


Sony Tablet S cracked open, spills innards
The Sony Tablet S has had some pretty impressive advertisements introduced for it, and someone has already taken it apart to check out just what lies underneath the pretty cover and design. We all know that it will sport a dual-core processor, not to mention 1GB RAM, a couple of cameras that all decent tablets should come with these days, the staple Wi-Fi connection, as well as 16GB and 32GB […]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch torn apart
If you’re keen on finding out the differences between the European Galaxy S2 and the Epic 4G Touch on Sprint, what better way to do it than to examine the insides of both devices? After all, both phones are pretty similar on a software level, but they could be different beasts underneath their hoods. Well, thanks to the folks over at iFixit, we won’t have to do the dirty work […]

Motorola Droid Bionic receives teardown
Whenever a new gadget is released, like clockwork, you can expect the iFixit gang to get their paws on it for their trademark disassemblies. This time it’s Motorola’s long-awaited Android superphone – the DROID Bionic. As usual, iFixit managed to take the phone apart, detailing the whole process as they went along, revealing all the parts that went into the construction of the phone (no they’re not robot parts, as […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 teardown video
Want to see what makes your BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone tick? You could use some tools, patience, a lot of guts (or spare BlackBerry Bold 9900 phones) and do it yourself, or let some experienced professionals do the job for you, and just watch the video they release. If you prefer the former – all the best, while for those less gutsy, there’s the team over at DirectFix to save […]

New Mac mini torn apart by iFixit
Everyone knows just what a great quarter it has been for Apple, and a slew of releases such as the new Mac mini has certainly raised a whole lot of attention in the process. Well, trust the good people over at iFixit to actually grab hold of one of these puppies and taking it apart – as though they are an old hand at it. Of course, one of the […]

Updated MacBook Air receives teardown
The brand new MacBook Air has been out only a day, and unsurprisingly the folks over at iFixit have already gotten their hands on one and have given it the teardown treatment we’ve come to expect. After all, they did it with the previous MacBook Air when it was released, why wouldn’t they do it to this one? Judging by what they’ve uncovered, it seems that both MacBook Air computers […]

HTC EVO 3D torn apart on video
Ever wanted to know what goes into your HTC EVO 3D Android device to create the eye-popping glasses-free 3D effects? Want to find out? Two guys from XDA-developers decided to give the HTC EVO 3D a customary teardown to see what makes it tick (surprisingly they managed to get it done before the folks at iFixit). Inside they found nothing out of the ordinary – apart from all the dual-stereoscopic […]

Sony takes apart its own Bloggie 3D camera
In a promotional stint to increase awareness of its 3D compact camera, Sony has given the Bloggie 3D camera a teardown in similar vein of the folks over at iFixit. But unlike iFixit’s informative teardowns, the video shot by Sony didn’t go into much detail about the individual parts, with occasional hints being dropped about why the camera is worth the $250 you pay for it.Nevertheless, it is a teardown […]

BlackBerry PlayBook disassembled on video
While we know that the BlackBerry PlayBook was taken apart only hours after it went on sale, iFixit’s guide only had text instructions and photographs to guide users through the process – not a very intuitive guide for folks who would rather have videos of someone guiding them through the process. Well, those people are in luck.

Apple iMac gets the teardown
 And just like clockwork, in less than 24 hours after the new iMac was released, the folks over at iFixit have gotten their hands on the all-in-one computer and take it apart. While there’s nothing out of the ordinary inside the iMac (no, it’s not made of magic), the internals of the device are laid out neatly, which makes replacing the hard drive, RAM and optical drive a breeze.The iMac […]