iFixit PlayBook

The PlayBook only went on sale earlier today, but the folks over at iFixit wasted no time in getting their hands on one and having a go at disassembling the QNX tablet from RIM. While there’s nothing extremely interesting about this tablet’s innards, iFixit have noted that it was relatively easy to take apart, and the LCD isn’t fused to the glass, so a cracked screen doesn’t mean an expensive replacement, which should be good news for folks who are careless with their gadgets.

The tablet contains the usual assortment of parts – radio, camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, battery, two microphones (probably for noise reduction). Some interesting things they noticed was that the front camera, rear camera and top control buttons are all attached as one assembly – replacement of broken power or volume buttons are going to be very costly. And also, the battery is glued to the mid-plane assembly, so removal of the motherboard is necessary if you’d like to change the PlayBook’s battery yourself.

If you’ve always been curious about what goes on inside the tablet but you’re afraid to take it apart yourself, you can head over to iFixit to read the full teardown guide yourself. And make sure you really know what you’re doing if you plan on taking the tablet apart.

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