iMac Teardown

And just like clockwork, in less than 24 hours after the new iMac was released, the folks over at iFixit have gotten their hands on the all-in-one computer and take it apart. While there’s nothing out of the ordinary inside the iMac (no, it’s not made of magic), the internals of the device are laid out neatly, which makes replacing the hard drive, RAM and optical drive a breeze.

The iMac was also given a repair score of 7/10, which means it is pretty easy to disassemble and fix on your own. They also noted that it is nearly impossible to keep the LCD and glass spotless when reassembling the machine – I guess gloves and a clean, soft surface are required if you plan to keep your iMac spick and span when doing your own modifications. Then again why would you want to do that on your own, unless of course your warranty has expired.

Head over to iFixit to check out the whole teardown for yourself. Unless you get queasy about seeing the beautiful machine taken apart.

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