Telenoid R1 is scarier than Teletubbies

Just in case you thought that Teletubbies were the scariest things your kid could ever come across, we’d suggest you add the Telenoid R1 to your list as well. Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro and the researchers at ATR came up with this telepresence android that tips the scales at 5kg while measuring 80cm in length, boasting just half a torso that seems to taper off into a ghost-like figure. To creep you out even more, there aren’t even hands on this thing, just appendages. Used in tandem with a telepresence software called AvatarNT, it is able to move its eyes, open its mouth, tilt its head both horizontally and vertically, while wriggling its stubby limbs that are composed out of 9 actuators. Send it back for recycling, quick! We might even have a new genre of robotic-ghost stories if such things were to get more and more popular.

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