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Classic Temple Run 2 Gets An Update With ‘Blazing Sands’
When it comes to the endless runner genre, Temple Run is probably one of the more classic titles available out there along with its successor, Temple Run 2. Just like what the folks at Rovio did with Angry Birds by teaming up with movie studios, Imagine has done the same as well, proving how popular the franchise is.

Temple Run 2 Gets “Frozen Shadows” Update
Temple Run 2 has been out for a few years now and we know it does seem to be pretty long in the tooth. However given that the original Temple Run was a huge hit and helped kick off the endless runner genre on mobile phones, we suppose in some ways you could consider the franchise to be something of a classic.That being said if you’re looking for a reason […]

Temple Run 2 Updated With Bruce Lee Character
Imangi Studios’ Temple Run 2 is kind of an old game, and while there have been movie tie-ins, we guess the title is getting a little dated. However for those who enjoy endless runners, Temple Run is probably one of the more “classic” endless runners available on mobile at the moment. That being said if you wanted a reason to dust off the game, how does Bruce Lee sound as […]

Temple Run 2 Gets Santa Costume
Are you in the Christmas spirit just yet? If you have answered in the negative, then fret not – it is rather encouraging to see companies come up with different ways to encourage folks to pick up the Yuletide joy. Take Motorola for instance, we do know that they have recently unveiled a holiday boot screen animation for not one, but two of their handsets – the Motorola Moto G […]


Temple Run 2 Adds Usain Bolt Character To The Game With His Own Special Ability
The first Temple Run game got pretty famous on its own, which later saw the game utilized by movie studios to help promote their movies. The game itself then got a sequel with updated graphics and new ruins to navigate, and if you love playing the game as much as I do, you might be pretty pleased to learn that the game has recently received an update where it will introduce […]

Temple Run Franchise Surpasses 300M Downloads; Temple Run 2 Update Incoming
Imangi Studios’ Temple Run 2 made its debut earlier this year iOS and Android resulting in the game being downloaded over 50 million times at last count. Today, Imangi has announced the entire Temple Run franchise has been downloaded over 300 million times across all platforms its available on, but that’s not all as they’re also announcing a new update for its Temple Run 2.The new update for Temple Run 2 will add […]

Instagram And Temple Run 2 Rumored To Be Announced Alongside Nokia Lumia 928
We’ve heard rumors that Instagram, Temple Run 2 and other apps could be making its way onto Windows Phone, but when exactly will that be happening? Well according to the folks at WMPoweruser, they claim that through one of their sources at Microsoft, they have learnt that those long-awaited apps will finally be announced and launched once Nokia and Verizon officially announce the Nokia Lumia 928. The Lumia 928 is […]

Instagram, Real Racing 3 And Temple Run 2 Rumored For Release On Windows Phone In May
Earlier today we reported on a leaked screenshot that revealed that Instagram could be arriving for Windows Phone. The screenshot appeared to be legit and thanks to additional rumors and screenshots courtesy of @anontechleaks, Windows Phone users could be in for a treat. Come May, not only will you be able to download Instagram, but big titles such as the recently released Real Racing 3 and Temple Run 2! Those […]

Temple Run 2 Outpaces 50 Million Download Mark
Imangi Studios sure as heck has a hit on their hands with Temple Run 2, where it continues to outpace all the other competitors on the mobile gaming front when it comes to the number of downloads. It seems that Temple Run 2 has already been downloaded more than 50 million times across three platforms – iOS-, Android-powered and Kindle devices. Going beyond 50 million downloads in a matter of […]

Temple Run 2 Now Available On Android
Good news Android owners, if you were a little jealous that iOS gamers managed to get their hands on Imangi Studios’ Temple Run 2 before you guys, you’re in luck as the game has finally made its way onto Google Play! As expected the game is free and will be bringing the same features to the table which can be found on its iOS counterpart. Will it be able to […]

Temple Run 2 Downloaded Over Six Million Times In 24 Hours
Temple Run 2 released last week to shoot up to the top of the App Store in under just under 12 hours and today, Imangi Studios announced just how many downloads the sequel to its popular game has received.Imangi Studios announced today Temple Run 2 received over six million downloads in just its first day of availability with it rocketing to the #1 spot in the App Store’s free games section […]

Zynga's Running With Friends Offers A Temple Run-Like Experience In Spain
Imangi Studios released Temple Run 2 last week and almost immediately ran up the App Store’s free games category to the top spot. Endless runners have been extremely popular on mobile devices as they’re a great way to pass the time, regardless if you have two minutes or two hours to kill. So who better than Zynga to release their own endless runner game on mobile seeing as they were […]

Temple Run 2 Dashes To The Top Of App Store
Temple Run 2 debuted on iOS earlier today, which many of us at the Ubergizmo offices have been completely hooked for the majority of our day. It looks though we’re not the only ones who have noticed Imangi Studios’ sequel to its extremely popular game as it looks like it’s experiencing the same success Temple Run did now that it’s been launched to the top of the “Free” section on the iTunes […]

Temple Run 2 Could Be Arriving On Android Next Week
If you love Temple Run, chances are you might have already heard that its sequel, Temple Run 2, was released earlier today on iOS devices. Given that Temple Run is available on both iOS and Android, presumably the Android version of Temple Run 2 will be released as well and according to an interview with Polygon, Imangi’s co-founder Keith Shepherd said that the Android version of the game is almost […]