usain-bolt-tr2The first Temple Run game got pretty famous on its own, which later saw the game utilized by movie studios to help promote their movies. The game itself then got a sequel with updated graphics and new ruins to navigate, and if you love playing the game as much as I do, you might be pretty pleased to learn that the game has recently received an update where it will introduce to gamers a brand new character that they pay to purchase. For a limited time and if you’re willing to drop $0.99, you will be able to purchase the Usain Bolt character!

Yes it is the same Usain Bolt athlete who broke records in sporting events, and now he is a playable character in Temple Run 2. It is unknown how long this “limited time” offer is, but if you’re the sort that likes unlocking as many characters as you can, you might want to move fast. Usain Bolt’s character will also be getting his own unique ability called (unsurprisingly) the “Bolt”, and it basically combines the Boost ability and the Magnet ability together, which we have to admit is pretty darn cool. In any case for those who have yet to download the game, you can hit up the iTunes App Store for the free download, but just to reiterate, the Usain Bolt character will cost $0.99 to unlock.

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