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Temple Run Embraces Virtual Reality
Ask someone to name the most popular mobile games and chances are that you will hear about Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Temple Run, apart from many others. The aforementioned games are some of the most widely played on mobile devices and one of them is moving to a whole new category. Temple Run VR has been released today which provides players with an endless running experience in virtual reality.

Temple Run Explorer Maria Selva Is A New Playable Character
There is nothing quite like bringing together the world of fiction as well as non-fiction under one roof, and that was achieved when Imangi Studios and National Geographic Kids teamed up to deliver Temple Run in a new manner – that is, via an educational action-adventure book. After all, Temple Run is an annoyingly successful mobile game that relies on your smartphone’s hardware to detect tilts to the left and […]

Temple Run VR Will Be The Samsung Gear VR's First Endless Runner Game
Earlier today during IFA 2014, Samsung took the wraps off their virtual reality headset in the form of the Samsung Gear VR. However unlike other VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus, the Gear VR will not come with a display of its own, instead it will use the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as its display, much like the Vortex VR which uses the LG G3 as […]

Temple Run Series Achieve 1 Billion Downloads
Life is always worth celebrating in terms of milestones and achievements, and the same can be said for the Temple Run series that have seen millions of gamers cover plenty of virtual miles in a bid to escape a pack of crazy simian-like creatures as one makes off the treasure and loot from a tropical setting. In fact, the Temple Run series is proud to have achieved the one billion […]


Temple Run 2 Gets Cloud Support
Imangi Studios, the ones behind the hugely popular Temple Run game as well as its sequel, is back with a reminder to the masses that they will be rolling out cloud support for Temple Run 2 tomorrow, allowing players to continue their running across different devices. This sense of continuity is a nice touch, but it is no life or death situation actually. After all, you would most probably have […]

Temple Run Developer Shares Early Prototypes Of The Game
Imangi’s Temple Run probably isn’t as popular today as it was maybe a year or so ago, but that’s usually the case with mobile games. Most of the time these games garner a lot of interest at the start before it starts to become less popular, which is why developers like Rovio have to start branching out into other genres.

Temple Run To Hit More Lumia Handsets Soon
Temple Run will finally make its way to mid-range Windows Phone 8-powered Lumias.

Temple Run Franchise Surpasses 300M Downloads; Temple Run 2 Update Incoming
Imangi Studios’ Temple Run 2 made its debut earlier this year iOS and Android resulting in the game being downloaded over 50 million times at last count. Today, Imangi has announced the entire Temple Run franchise has been downloaded over 300 million times across all platforms its available on, but that’s not all as they’re also announcing a new update for its Temple Run 2.The new update for Temple Run 2 will add […]

Temple Run Makes Its Long-Awaited Debut On Windows Phone
Temple Run has been making millions of its players endlessly run to see how far they can get with their stolen idol ever since it was originally released back in the summer of 2011 on iOS. Imangi Studios released the Android version of Temple Run several months later in March 27 2012, and exactly one year later, Windows Phone finally gets the Temple Runs.If you’re a Windows Phone user who […]

Temple Run: Oz The Great And Powerful Coming On February 27th
Without sounding biased, there’s no question that Temple Run 2 is awesome. I’ve played it on both Android and iOS, and it never fails to entertain. But if a new report is true, then Imangi Studios might be upping the ante once again by releasing a spin-off to the game  just weeks after announcing Temple Run 2. Cecile Fouques, a PR representative for Disney, tweeted that a new game called “Temple Run: […]

Temple Run 2 Debuts In New Zealand, Coming To The Rest Of The World Soon
It looks like we’ll be seeing a new kid in town very soon. As first noted by the gaming website TouchArcade, Imangi Studios, the folks behind the insanely popular Temple Run game, is brewing a sequel entitled Temple Run 2. The game has just hit the App Store in New Zealand, with a possibility of launching in the U.S. soon. TouchArcade claims that the game will launch in the U.S. […]

Temple Run Is One Hot Download This Christmas
I guess you know that smartphones and tablets are one hot ticket item this Christmas, otherwise how else do you explain the massive download of the Temple Run game over the Christmas period? Keith Shepherd, founder of Imangi Studios, the very same studio behind the highly addictive Temple Run game, just announced on Wednesday that their game received more than its fair share of love over Christmas. In fact, this […]

Popular mobile game Temple Run to be converted into a board game
If you own an iOS or Android device, then chances are you’ve either played or heard of the popular free running game, Temple Run by Imangi. For those unfamiliar, it’s a game where players try to collect as many coins as they can while avoiding obstacles and while trying to run as far as they can. It’s a strangely addictive game and is certainly a great way to pass the […]

Temple Run has been downloaded 100 million times since its launch [Infographic]
Have you ever played Temple Run? I bet you have. It’s an action video game developed by Imangi Studios. First launched on iOS where it once became the number one free iOS app, the game eventually made it to Android this year with downloads reaching more than 1 million in just three days. Today, its developers are showing an infographic to celebrate how far the game has come after almost […]

Temple Run could make its way onto Windows Phone in the future
Temple Run is a pretty addictive game for iOS and Android devices, but where is the love for Windows Phone? Granted not all developers are that eager to invest their time, effort and money developing for a platform that they might not see as much returns compared to iOS or Android, but Imangi Studios has not discounted the possibility entirely. Speaking in a recent interview with Pocket Gamer, the developer […]

Imangi Studios planning Temple Run update for iOS devices including Retina display support for the new iPad
Temple Run is certainly one heck of an addictive game as most iOS and Android users are probably aware by now, and it looks like Imangi Studios has plans that will be making it even harder for us to put the game down. The developer has recently revealed to Pocket Gamer that an update of the game for iOS users is currently in the works that will not only bring […]

Temple Run for Android achieves 1 million downloads in its first three days
A few days ago we reported that Temple Run had finally made its way onto Android. This was after iOS users have been enjoying the game for months and after Android users had to put up with poor copycat versions of the game. So did the game enjoy huge success after all that anticipation? Well according to its developer, Imangi Studios, the game has managed to achieve a whopping 1 […]

Temple Run finally makes its way onto Android
A couple of weeks back we reported that popular iOS game, Temple Run, would finally be making its way onto Android devices, and keeping true to their word is Imangi Studio who announced that the game has launched onto Android today, bringing Android users the same evil monkey dodging, coin collecting and obstacle avoiding experience that iOS users have been enjoying on their devices all this while.For those unfamiliar, the […]

Temple Run for Android coming March 27th
Heard of Imangi Studios before? This unique 3-person studio was the tour de force behind the huge hit Temple Run, and since it was released in August 2011, it had been downloaded by 6% of America’s population, where Android users had to just sit back and play other games since Temple Run was meant for the iOS platform. Well, all of that will change when March 27th rolls around, as […]